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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ice Kings's Head Towers Over Comic-Con Exhibit Hall

 You would yell "Ice King!!!" , like Finn usually does on Adventure Time when you saw the massive noggin of the dim-witted and ferocious Ice King in the exhibit hall for Comic-Con this year. The Ice King's head also houses a photo booth of Ice Jail or where he keeps the princesses where your photo could be taken behind ice prison bars. Sometimes a bit of Ice might rain down as you took the photo Walking into the Ice King's mouth was a bit of a surreal experience, but at least you didn't walk outside of his butt. The Ice King's nose was so far out I wanted a swing set to be put on it. During the course of the con multiple signings for Cartoon Network's show took place in front of Ice King's open mouth. Each day different AT Princess buttons were handed out while the lasted at the booth. It was one of the most iconic booths at the convention if not the most.

 Here's a closer look on the inside with some great detail including a Fionna and Cake fan fic written by the Ice King, Gunther with his demonic eye, and the Ice King's drums.

What a jail photo looks like

Here's CN's direct coverage of the booth including a look through here

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