Tuesday, July 16, 2013


At some time today I had the swell idea of being press for the biggest shindig off all things geeks and marketing boys peddling TV shows that will sink faster than the Titanic, I'm talking whatever Seth Green is on next season with two Dads. Stick to playing with dolls on Robot Chicken kid! Dracula being sexy again NBC? Your network has enough monsters with what you call comedy coming out of Jimmy Fallon, what's wrong with him? Been on the wacky sauce so long his choo-choo pulled out without him on it. His noggin is filled with wood and woodpeckers haven't been kind.

Enough of that jazz, I'm talking Comic-Con and I'm cosplaying as old timey press. I'm sick of the bloggers, internet journalists and whatever a Twitterists might be called other than Twitterists dressing like the Russians one. Frankly, there un-American jerks. No beef, with a side of fries for those other journalists dressed up as other stuff, but those dressed in the simple dress shirt of today with jeans you shame your mother and Editor-in-chief.

As Editor-in Cheif of this fine publication, stayed tuned for all sort of updates of all the wonder you will only hear of from the internet and thousand other outlets there.