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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things to do this weekend in LA

Other than watching funny scary movies at Screamfest going to the West Hollywood book fair the choices get kind of strange

The first ever Long Beach Comicon starts this Friday. It might be fun it might be boring. They have some comic book artist showing off as well as some nice exhibitor, I'm just afraid no one is going to show up. If yuo live close to Long Beach I definetly check it out for a day.

Guest so far are Jeff Scott Campbell, Mike Choi, Amanda Conner, Geoff Johns, Jeph Loeb, Dustin Nguyen, Philip Tan, Alex Sinclair, Jimmy Palmiotti
Yelp says theses people are coming

If your still in Long Beach check out the Halloween Costume & Vintage Clothing Fundraising Sale Launch Party it doesnt't sound that fun, but it let's u get early dibs on costume material. It's 10 bucks but it goes to charity.

Wow, Gay Day at Disneyland it happens every year like leather day, single parent day, and other weird days Disney has no control over at disneyland

Artist: Chen Qiulin
Free art for everybody! Actually most museums in LA and Orange County are completly free this weekend, I have no idea why , but who cares get you gluttus maximus to a gallery or museum and get some culture that won't grow in your toes.

Armory Center for the Arts - Both Days
The Autry National Center - Sunday, October 4th ONLY
Bowers Museum - Sunday, October 4th Only
California African American Museum - Both Days
California Heritage Museum - Saturday, October 3rd Only
California Science Center - Both Days
Craft and Folk Art Museum - Both Days
Fowler Museum at UCLA - Both Days
The Getty Center - Both Days
The Getty Villa**- Both Days
The Grammy Museum at L.A. Live - Sunday, October 4th Only
Hammer Museum at UCLA - Sunday, October 4th Only
Japanese American National Museum - Saturday, October 3rd Only
Los Angeles Fire Department Museum and Memorial - Saturday, October 3rd
The Museum of Contemporary Art,Los Angeles (MOCA) - Sunday, October 4th Only
Museum of Latin American Art (MoLAA) - Both Days
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County - Sunday October 4th Only
Norton Simon Museum - Sunday, October 4th Only
Orange County Center for Contemporary Art - Both Days
Orange County Museum of Art - Both Days
The Paley Center for Media - Both Days
Santa Monica Museum of Art - Saturday, October 3rd Only
Skirball Cultural Center - Sunday, October 4th Only
The Studio for Southern California History - Both Days

Soundwalk just sounds cool.

Yelp says -Taking place within the Arts District of Downtown Long Beach, SOUNDWALK is an annual art event, produced by the Long Beach artist group FLOOD. Sound art located throughout the area, indoors and outdoors, will encompass a wide range of work that will integrate visual, performative and aural elements. Included will be sculptures, environments, performances and installations, both interactive and passive
so head down there once again if you getting out of the Long Beach Comic-Con because apparently it's there also.

I have no idea what the Moon Festival is about maybe I'll head over to learn what it's about.

Sat. Oct 3

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West Hollywood Book Fair

This Sunday is the West Hollywood Book Fair. Go meet some authors of your favorite works. Mike Mignolia of Hellboy fame and Mark Waid will be attending. Come check out there COMIC BOOK, HORROR & SCI-FI SCENE section.

Giant Robot has there own booth that you should be sure to check out. Maybe they'll have some stuff on sale or you can meet Eric Nakamura the creator of Giant Robot both the store and magazine. I'll go through and check out what movies to rent when I read this magazine. They also have excellent articles on upcoming and local artist.
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The Horribly Slow Murder With The Extremely Ineffecient Weapon

Just go see it from the title alone.

It's really a short film, but still one of the best Halloween shorts ever. It is a horror comedy film and it' will make you laugh again and again and again and again.
3:00 PM Sat, Oct 03
Shorts Program 2
Plus it's from Shriekfest

October 1-4

Shriekfest starts really early in October showing off horror and sci-fi movies not made by the big studios. From their site-Shriekfest is an international festival and screenplay competition dedicated to getting horror/thriller/sci-fi/fantasy filmmakers and screenwriters the recognition they deserve.

Sorry to not give you directors a chance to make a short for it, but I just found out about it.


The long movies coming out actually don't look taht exciting to me, but the shorts seem like a blast. The have Four shorts programs on Saturday . I'd order you tickets now since it starts next week. Plus it doesn't cost that much, msybe 11.50

The Human Centipede

Coming this Halloween a movie so sick and twisted it'll make you want to throw up again and again and again and again and again .... ooh sorry still haven't gotten sick of The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon ( my next post) .

but that's whole other movie that'll be discussed when I tall about Shriekfest. Now than Screamfest (and yes this is a different horror festival from Shreikfest) has The Human Centipede coming out October 18th at 8:30pm. If the title doesn't grab you right away hoe about a little synopsis. A mad doctor who specialized in Siamese twin surgery wants to combine human beings together to form a human centipede. That means connecting them anus to mouth anus to mouth, might i add this is only the first part in a trilogy this first being segment 1. That stands to reason the human centipede will gain people as the series continues. The director I've never heard of is Tom Six and like his strange name this movie comes from the strange land of Japan.

This looks so very wrong, so very very wrong.
link to buy tickets

Monday, September 28, 2009

1st Annual Halloween LA breakdown

(Read like Dracula would)

Welcome boils and ghouls to the start of many posts about things to do in LA for Halloween. There's freights and screams all over this demented mad-house we call the city including the Valley.

To start off even before October hits us this week, this Wed. Zombieland will be shown for free for anyone who RSVP'S and dresses like a zombie for a zombie walk at the Grauman's Chinese.

Starting around 6:15, more info at the link

I found out about this event and many other Halloween fun thanks to the Creepy The Los Angeles Halloween blog. This sites has the latest news on all thing Halloween in LA related. Check them out there simply the best for Halloween fun this year.

For you to stay here on this blog however I'm giving you my personal touch of the best Halloween stuff to do and the movies you'll want to make your friend go eeewww! gross! I love this movie. Starting off let me do a quicke review and preview of to Halloween movies coming out. First off The Haunted World of El Super Beasto is *&#4 @#@ and it can suck my ^#)@. Actually it doest deserve time to waste insulting it. It's a bad movie so bad it's not even fun to watch to make fun off. It's nowhere near a B-horror movie's fun. Rob Zombie who is a horrible director( I've seen his other movies they all stink) got help from Mr.Lawrence a long time contributor to Spongebob and the voice of Plankton and still manged to make a boring cartoon. The cartoon itself looked like such a cool idea with a Mexican wrestler superhero fighting zombies and monsters, but what u get is a boring long cartoon with a lot of boobs in it. Boobs are widely available thanks to the internet. Boobs actually might be the only thing to get you interested in this movie . I hated the voice acting the most. Let me rephrase that Rob Zombie chose the wrong voices for every character. El Super Beasto is a white guy apparently. He's suppose to be a Mexican Wrestler , how the Hell do you screw that up?

Than the jokes just didn't work, it was boring. Don't bother watching this or any Rob Zombie movie just play his music at you Halloween Party


see him in concert on Halloween night his directorial skill might suck, but his music doesn't

Burn with the witches, Saturday the 31st and cheeeeeeck it ooooooooooooouttt!

This movie will be bloody. I mean The Shining's elevators opening with blood will look pathetic compared to this Japanese Horror film. When a boy becomes in between a Vampire Girl and a Frankenstein Girl all bloody Hell breaks loose. They can't really die just get more bloody and I guess gutty ... with guts coming out. From the people who brought us Machine Gun Girl and Tokyo Gore Police streaming on Netflix now comes to be what looks like a painfully gross disgusting movie.

10/13 @ 8pm at the Silent Movie Theater, plus extra gory shorts the director has made.

u can see it at Screamfest LA

on the 17th

Saturday, Oct. 17, 2009 11:00 PM

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Prius Solar Flowers in LA

Starting this weekend Oct 3rd. something new is blooming at The Americana, no not a Palm Pre booth, but Prius solar flowers. These giant flowers will be giving of free energy and wi-fi plus a place to sit. You can plug in anything you want or just use the free wi-fi to surf the net powered by the sun. The solar panels are located behind the petals of these huge marketing flowers to get people interested in the Prius new solar panels that'll power the air conditioner of the car, I guess, I don't really know, their web-site pratically explains nothing.
Shame on the Americana and Toyota for not providing any real web-page about the flowers. The only way I found it was coming to LA was due to a facebook page.
I'm sure are stupid news anchors here will spout some terrible lines this week about heading off to The Americana to see the flowers. Comment below if u can think of any bad flower jokes news anchors like Carlos Amezuca or Christine Devine can come up with.
Solar Flowers at the Americana

Start Time:
Saturday, October 3, 2009 at 8:00am
End Time:
Sunday, October 18, 2009 at 11:55pm
The Americana

Glendale, CA
I'm kind of amazed they would spend the time to get these flowers across america and try and market the Prius, but they wouldn't have a web-site explaining them or where they would be. Here's the company they actually built the flower's web site


Check out the shorts from Cartoonstitute . It seems Cartoon Network doesn't care about the shorts being avaliable before the show actually premieres. The show is still scheduled to come out this winter with three shorts per episode, but they only finished 14 so it'll only have a few episodes. Hopefully fan appreciation will drive Cartoon Network to have some of the shorts turn into full blown series and maybe give us another season of Cartoonstitute or maybe let the cartoonist finish the rest of their shorts,

Anyway checkout Danger Planet it's weird and maybe a certain voice will sound familiar.

Update: OOps, looks like that account wasn't sanctioned by Cartoon Network, all the video were pulled. I saw about half of the shorts available and let me tell u there great. I can't wait to see the rest this winter. Lookout for Uncle Grandpa and Spleenstab.

I believe one of the shorts "The real show" avout a racoon and a bird that work at a zoo is becoming a series already. Danm it, sorry everyone u gotta wait for new cartoon fun.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Johnny Cupcakes Looney Tunes T-Shirts Collab

Just went to Johnny Cupcakes on Melrose to show my partner on my short what we could spend the prize money on if we win. These pics are of the new collaboration of Johnny Cupcakes and Looney Tunes and I gotta say, "there ugly and unimaginative, I hate them". They just look awful. It just doesn't work. The other shirts from Johnny Cupcakes work a lot of the designs are catchy, but these just fail to me.

In more Looney Tune cartoon news via Racattack Junction!

A Looney Tunes restart is in production at Warner Bros. Animation. It'll be called Laff Riot, the series is likely to air on Cartoon Network.
Adventure Time with Finn & Jake will premiere in the Winter of 2010.
Also I've been reading on-line in different forums Cartoon Network's ban on no comedy cartoons is gone. They supposedly bought two new comedied that'll come out in 2011 late 201o.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Right on the corner of La Brea and Santa Monica is the smallest video game store in LA. Almost hidden to all those passing by it is easily missed while driving on by. Gameland. Gameland is a actual fully functionung video game store within a Western Union. It's sad and funny at the same time. It shares half the store. One side is western Union the other is Gameland. I wonder how the arrangement was worked out.

What game land lacks in size is made up for in a plethora of games both old and new. This store has a huge amount of Nes, SNES, Sega Saturn, etc. games. Plus hard to find imports. When I say it has a huge amount I mean it. The games are stacked high in this little store. If your looking for a old system game I recommend coming here over Game Dude which I haven't review yet. Game Dud might be a huge store, but they have terrible service and their selection isn't that great.

The prices are comparable to with regular stores for new games, but you might find a deal on the old games there. I thought it was funny they had the Little Big Planet Billboard from the secret contest they had last year right on there display case. Look through the entire store they other odd ties than that.

Parking is easy. They share a lot with other stores like Rite Aid.

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Cute Girls as the Where The Wild Things Are monsters

From the Space 15 Twenty Pop Up Store
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Things to do this weekend in LA

It's back again

Date: Friday, September 25thTime: 8:00 p.m.
Place: Meltdown Gallery at the rear of the store which is located here:
7522 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90046-3408,

Where the Wild Things Are Pop Up Store

So I headed with some friends to Space 15 Twenty on Caheunga near the Cineramadome and Amoeba music to check out the Where the Wild Things Are Pop Up Store.

The pics below show how cool the Pop Up store looked. It's only open till the 18th of October so hurry if you want to see it yourself. They have limited edition t-shirts taht you won't find in hop topic.The monster outfits were worn by some cute girls when the store had it's opening.

The whole flow of the pop up store is cool, I wish more movies did marketing as excellent as this. I'll let the pics tell you the rest.

Parking kind of sucks, you most likely have to pay, but you are write next to a bunch of cool places to check out so maybe you could make a day of it.

I'd never been to Space 15 Twenty till yesterday, it's just one of those places that just right around the corner from all the stuff your used to.

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