Monday, November 30, 2009

Hell yeah it's Hellboy!

The Art of MIKE MIGNOLA Friday the 4th

SHQ will also be offering a limited edition 3 illustrated letterpress prints made specifically for this show. The prints feature never before seen Hellboy artwork by Mike Mignola .
So go here or go to Hell.

Holiday Gift Guide Japanese pt.1

Sugoi Life

Looking for a gift for the Otaku in your life. Looking for something you anime crazy, manga loving, Japanese culture addict friend might like. Get your shiny butt down to Sugoi Life . This store of anime wonder has a wide selection of gasahpon or to the uninitiated little Japanese toys that are usually figures based on different anime and cartoon characters. They have the bigger stuff to with huge plushies and gundam kits. They also have a little arcade section and way too many picture booths for girls. Their anime and manga section is still lacking compared to other anime shops in LA. Sugoi life is a sister store of the Tokyo Lifestyle Outlets that have recently started to expand in LA so if you can't head to Northridge maybe go to one of the other stores. I say stop buy and check out the expansive store that has so much room they don't know what to do with it.
oh yeah they also have a section of just Japanese goods that are widely available here in America. Sort of like Japanese brands of common day items.

9301 Tampa Ave. Store# 142(next to Pacific Theatres)

Northridge, CA 91324Tel.

(818) 727-9977 Fax. (818)


Mon-Thur 10:00am-9:00pm

Fri/Sat 10:00am-10:00pm

Sun 11:00am-7:00pm

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gift Guide 2009

Why not put some Christmas meat into someones stocking with this album of insane Christmas cheer. Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Have Yourself a Meaty Little Christmas brings the inane and stupid antics of the same characters you love on adult swim into your heart and up your nose.
It' s a great Christmas album of songs only you and your friends who enjoy the show will be touched by, but others might think you have a very poor choice in music.

ATHF: Have Yourself A Meaty Little Christmas

Super Mario Support

My production couldn't move forward without my support team. In a sign of Mario Bros brotherhood they wore staches of their own. I just found it to be Super.

This week in LA

Giant Robot shows no signs of stopping even though it's not that old or a human being or a actual robot , but a magazine and store chain. Anyway head to their shop on Sawtelle for a book signing for a book I might pick up called Crazy Wacky Theme Restaurants:Tokyo and a Post it show which is a art show where you can pay for little post it notes of art from multiple artists.

Giant Robot

Next a show that I more than find a bit akin to my wants of LA. Unique Los Angeles( Love the flyer's tag line: Buy Local!) . Unique LA is a independent design and gift show where you can buy locally made products sometimes from well known artists. It costs cheaper than buying stuff in a store or online. Does cost 10 bucks for entry, and 6 bucks to park but worth it to see all the different products. You will find something for everyone you know. Sadly this takes the place of Felt Club which was another local gift and art show that had many great products ... hopefully they"ll come back in 2010.
Maybe the best for last the LA Auto Show is back filled with strange new models and car dealers giving away cool swag. The auto show can take a full day to look at all the beautiful different models. Check out the web-site below to get a coupon for 2 dollars off the admission. Bring some cash and just eat outside of the convention center cause the food is just terrible and overpriced.

Super Mario Bros Short promos

Here's some promo pieces I made of my actors for my short. I really like how I tweaked the pics so only thier hats are colored. I still have to film because of time restraints on Wed. Than I have start editing. My intial footage was damn funny once I started having fun. I think I got too serious towards the start of the shoot. Towards the end I was laughing at all the crazy stuff I made my actors do. I'll be showing more production photos leading up to my fully realized short.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Things To Do In LA Gift Guide

It's finally time for the holiday gift guide of what cool gifts to grab around LA or the net, if you don't have the cash and don't want to pay the insane sales tax we have in LA use Amazon. If you wanna go to some new places to shop for exquisite gifts look no further then here. For this list shall be awesome + awesome equalling two times the daily requirement you find on a list such as this.

First off lets go to video games to get this Holiday season a pumping with them Christmas juices( not excluding Hanukkah)

Here we go!, Will be said a million times in this game and you'll like it. This games features the old school game play that I enjoyed growing up playing Super Mario World. This game just makes you happy to see Mario go back to hist roots. The new features are party like fun when you add 3 firends. The game completely changes making some levels much easier with friends are more complicated as they might accidentally shove you off a ledge. Throw you into a enemy or have Yoshi eat you. Strangely when you die and have no more lives you live on in the game as annoying sounds. Yes, you wii-mote because a hellish annoyance to your friends as the 1 and 2 buttons have become a soundtrack of a clown honker and people clapping. So your friend can just keep pressing 1 and keep honking throughout the damn level. This annoyance subsides with just the great game play, colorful enemies and backgrounds, and some of the best multiplayer found on the Wii. Sadly this is probably the only game you will buy for the Wii for the next 6 months as it has nothing coming out.

Wow other than that there isn't any other game worth buying this December to me. I'd rent Left 4 Dead 2 and while other care for it Modern Warfare 2 doesn't appeal to me.

Don't lose hope though there might be other games or game related stuff your friends or family may want and I'm going to tell u the best places in LA to find them

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Super Mario Bros Music Video

My Mario Bros shoot is tomorrow expext to see production stills and behind the scenes footage of my insane Super Mario inspired work. Also I'm going to be putting up a holiday gift guide, but I'M SHOOTING MY SHORT TOMORROW!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Flopdoodle pt.2

Here's just some more works from the party.

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Flopdoodle D-Con After Party

The Amanda Visell and Tim Biskup team-up show was a smashing success with being filled with people and thier art and much eating of cracker to cheese.. There work does kind of complement each others. I only wonder if there combination of work means there getting married.

I only stook around for a little while, but there was some nice polka going on in the background. Why polka I don't know, but it worked.
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Touma Exhibit After Party

I loved the anime inspired logo for this small restaurant near D- Con. The food however doesn't seem that inspired so I didn't end up eating here
So after D- Con a friend and I walked the streets of Old Town Pasadena. Heads up lot of nice Men's fashion stores as well as a lot of Women's Fashion stores and a lot of other places to eat and check out. Anyway due to a friends hunger we had to go to a diner to get a pumpkin flavored limited time only shake. Due to my friends hunger we got to the Touma Exhibit.

Touma's work really isn't my thing but I love little after parties and artist get their own little show is always nice.

Touma I guess is the artist name wore a mask of one of his characters so he couldn't be identified. I have no idea why , maybe he tags stuff. It was strange to just be in a small room with someone with a bear head drawing in a corner.

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D-Con Disassembled Pt.2

So anyway D-con was a thrilling romp of booths of vinyl and shimmering strange art. They had a lot of cute plushies like this squid above (sadly he wasn't for sale). Mostly they had a lot of the little vinyl toys people want that u might find in kidrobot,giant robot or Munky King. Actually Munky King had it's 9own booth and Kid Robot is it's on vinyl toy company. They had some bigger figures also on sale, basically it was a place to find some hard to find items are not pay for shipping. D-Con had one section called Yoka that just had the same figure redone below by artists doing it their own way.

What I found funny was right next door was the Toy Train Operating Society Southwestern Division Expo. The sign just seems so long and so exact in wording it's just strange. Why not just welcome toy train enthusiasts.
I wonder which had a higher turn out this or D-con, I kind of wish they were in the same space . As a friend pointed out they could have let the vinyl toys ride the the trains. Here's a pic below of what it looked like that I snapped because it actually cost 30 bucks to get in for two days.

Overall D- Con was a blast , but go with friends and except to be there for only a few hours then you'll probably want to walk around old town Pasadena. I had fun and a lot of the artists for the different vinyls were there so you can ask them stuff or get your toy signed.
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Please Be Brave

I missed the opening reception, but hey u can still check out Deth P. Sun's work at Giant Robot on Sawtelle till december 2nd which is quite soon. I first saw his work in Giant Robot Volume 60 which I mostly got for this cool as hell backpack info and the Quick Gun Murugun story which was funny to me becauseI actually attended the screening here in LA.

D-Con Disassembled

Bikini clad Slave Leia Minnie Mouses, screaming rocketships, plush meat and dead baby unicorns. No it's not a horrible nightmare it's D-con. D-con is strange and fun at the same time having many local artist show off new vinly toys. Oh by the way the 5 dollar goodie bags were gone before I got there seems the only had 100 in the first place. Overall it was a extremely joyous time for me. I went with a few friends and so some really strange customs of I think it was called the Yoka figure. I also won two prizes in a secret contest. I'll blog more stange photos late and maybe write more in depth of what was there and my own experience.

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