Monday, July 29, 2013

The Wolverine Review Don't See It

The Wolverine was a major let down. I'm not going to review it fully right now. To help you understand how bad it is here's something to think about. The film is set in Japan with ninjas. Wolverine never fights ninjas. Later that day, I watched the new Judge Dredd. It's the best Wolverine movie to see right now. Oh, you can compare the new Dredd to The Raid: Redemption, it's still more entertaining to watch then The Wolverine.

Here's some spoiler-filled points of hate you might want to think of after watching it, which I still suggest you just see Dredd instead.

-Wolverine sure doesn't care about banging he's recently dead friend's granddaughter

-The Yakuza of today is one of the strongest enemy groups ever, who knew they could stay on the outside of bullet train ?

-Why wasn't the Yakuza Marvel Comic's The Hand? It's just a simple request, they are the most well known ninja group in Marvel Comics, they even have a level in Marvel vs Capcom 3. They couldn't put them in there?

-Silver Samurai is never named, to which I mean, no one goes oh look out it's a Silver Samurai and even The Reptile isn't named until the end.

-There were many scientists for the cyborg

- There were only three mutants in the movie.

-CGI Bear everyone, say Hi to the dumbest CGI bear

- predictable, so very predictable

-inappropriate joke dialogue after serious moments with the dumbest boss fight end line that had me laughing so much that a old women recognized me at Carl's Jr. afterward when I was still laughing at the movie

 -I knew they would pick the space adventure room by the key tags

-In real life that love hotel is the Nakagin Capsule Tower used for office space and apartments

-Could Wolverine wear his comic outfit in the movie ans still be cool, easily, but that will never happen

-It's okay to have semi-automatic weapons out at a funeral in Japan in front of news crews? Never seen that before.

-How the Hell does one nano-bot on Wolverine's hear stop he's healing factor?

-Japanese sidekick's face and also fashion sense, eh

-Back to bone claws? Really?