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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

About Page


I'm the creator of the site you're on in these here interwebs. This magical realm of LA and Things To Do was created out of a selfish need, a need for things to do. When I created the site I did it so I could actually find events and places to visit in LA even though I lived here all my life. I would read about events after they happened and be bummed out on missing them. So I looked to the net and started to connect to the city, making friends and expanding the scope of the site to always have things to do.

Things To Do In LA, sometimes known by its initials as TTDILA and often misspelled by other media as Things To Do In L.A. or Things to do in LA is a blog the covers events happening in the Los Angeles area, in California, U.S.A.. The site covers general events including: screenings, openings, special events, art shows, conventions, plays and host of other activities. It covers just about everything. The blog features relevant content and stories about the Los Angeles area as well. Content about pop-culture including, but not limited to: video games, film, animation and art also appear on the site.

Things To Do In LA was created back in April 2009 by Jonathan Bilski of Southern, California. The site was simply titled coveroutofnowhere and was of simple design and featured a scant amount of details about what to do in the Los Angeles area.

Over the years Things To Do In LA has become a source for many Los Angelese residents to find out information about upcoming events and activities being held in the greater Los Angeles area. I've covered numerous events from art shows to award shows. BBQs and even small get-togethers for niche crowds. All culminating into a wide selection of what there is to do in this city.

The most prominent feature that has been implemented over time is the Weekly What To Do, a weekly guide from Wednesday to the next Wednesday of all events happening within the week. This guide contains all that stands out during the week it goes up. It's formatted for an easy gander and take away so you can take a look and head out the day of the event or to plan out a fun weekend.

Numerous interviews with LA's community from celebrities to fans seeing those celebrities to the people who create the events are featured on the site. We look to talk to those who will be affecting your trip out here in LA and find out how they created their event or are planning more.

Over time the site  has done more than just reporting on events. It covers pop culture and LA culture, many times linked, on a regular basis. That includes a heavy dose of love for covering gaming and film, which LA is many times the heart of.

Please, take a look and keep coming back for more things to do in LA.

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