Thursday, July 25, 2013

Comic-Con 2013: Xbox One Hands On

Listen up noobs! This ace reporter covered a press engagement for the Xbox One and all the goodies coming down the line for you to play

First off , I listened to the creators of Project Spark. There heartfelt view of making a game that can make games so easy anyone can pick it up was adorable. Real adorable, but it looks like it will work. An entire community has already formed around it even though no version of exists for the public. There's plenty of majesty and questing to create. You can even recreate any game you like. I saw a similar, but not legally sufficient to sue version of Limbo. The man playing the demo altered that world fast and hard and suddenly my man in Limbo became a monster who could fly. Want the game to become a first person shooter, you've got it sweet cheeks. The game looks well made and the company behind it promises to monitor and upkeep the community itself when it comes out. Still not my type of game, but an open ended world letting you creating on the fly isn't bad for anyone either.

Ryse of Rome, talk about a movie I've seen before. Microsoft better axe this with some fantasy or some fun. Visuals and a story for launch day is what this is and that ain't a complement. It looks to be a demo of what the "one" has to offer and it has to offer a predictable movie with a character as engaging as diddly. You read that correct, diddly!

Would have loved to play Dead Rising 3, but Capcom 3 was afraid I'd break it. Not the best sign, but a game that set in my LA, but called something else ain't so bad. In fact it looks like a fun zombie game. It won't be rewriting the world, but when you can jump into a shark suit, set zombies on fire with a fire sword and then call down an air strike via an app from your real phone you've got me locked in to try. Let's no mash words, the game has lost it's creator, but the series can be played any way you like including putting on a Blanka mask and just having fun killing zombies.

Word on the street is the controller for the "one" feels small, whoever is saying those lies is a dirty liar and the lowest of low or has freak hands like Lana Kane from Archer. The controller felt better in my hands than the current one, sleek and easy enough to get mittens around to cut throats and smash heads.