Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Alamo Drafthouse Streaming Too

Alamo Drafthouse has thrown it's hat into the ring as well, when its come to streaming. They're showing special screenings and content under the banner of Alamo-At-Home Virtual Cinema Experience! Experience! Experience!

Starting today, Tuesday, you can watch their well known Terror Tuesday and next week they"ll have Weird Wednesday. Sadly, it will alternate between Terror Tuesday and Weird Wednesday each week. So, no two in the same week. You pay to watch the film, like if you were renting to stream it. But they deliver extra Drafthouse content like their well-known pre-show, intro and then more info on what you watched on their website Birth.Movies.Death.

Right now, there doesn't seem to be a dedicated site to search through for all this stuff, just links to follow through Drafthouse's social media. It's kind of annoying to find the content.

Here's a list of bigger theatrical releases from the Birth.Movies.Death website. As of writing this, links weren't working  on 3/31.

However, this link is working
So, you can watch a super weird horror film with all that extra Drafthouse content for $7.25.

Next week we get the 4K restoration of Godmonster of Indian Flats on Wednesday.

Monday, March 30, 2020

LA Links: Convention Center Used, Bye-Bye Nate'n Al's

-LA Convention Center Transforms Into a Federal Field Hospital

Well, at least it's being used.

-LA Jewish Deli Icon Nate’n Al’s Closes its Doors in Beverly Hills Tomorrow

It may come back in a new location at a later time.

All Upcoming Animated Series We Care About: Part 1

My good friends, there might be one thing to get us through these trying times. Cartoons! Here's a list of animated series coming out on a plethora of platforms, be they streaming or terrestrial TV. It looks like all for streaming. There's quite a lot of cartoon goodness coming our way from many of our animator friends who worked on some of our favorites from Cartoon Network.

And then you have Nickelodeon, ehhh. Which, doesn't have anything on this list.
-Nickelodeon once ruled kids TV. Can it make a comeback? 

Close Enough

-From the creator of Regular Show, J. G. Quintel, comes his crazy adult focused sitcom. From the trailer it seems to be about a young couple becoming parents with wacky cool friends. One of them seems to just be a friendlier version of How Did This Gets Made?'s Jason Mantzoukas and is voiced by Jason himself.

If a fan of Regular Show (and we are) it looks like a no-brainer to fall in-love with this new show. Also, doesn't hurt that it's set in LA.

A bit of looking back and you see this cartoon was suppose to come out on TBS years ago. But, big shake-ups in the ownership of TBS and the show to be part of an animation block with a Louis C.K. made cartoon ended that from happening. Because of this, more than likely we're only getting the 13 episodes that were made and not getting anymore unless there's a huge amount of fan love for it.

Solar Opposites
May 8 

From Justin Roiland, the screaming drunk who we think won't probably live throughout the entire run of Rick & Morty (alcohol/car accident) comes a show about some aliens pretending to be humans living on Earth. Their home planet seems to be destroyed and now they're just trying to fit in.

We'll give anything from Roiland a shot, but it's missing the component of Dan Harmon, the other half behind Rick and Morty. Another ding is the trailer we've posted with this, it has that awful use of classic music as either now music from the series was available or just lazy pr. Serenade No. 13 from Mozart  It means  usually whatever the movie is, is rushed out our an inferior product.

Looney Tunes Cartoons

Ehhhhh, What's up Doc?

Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes, hopefully minus Lola Bunny, our back in the newest iteration after many, many failed attempts to bring them back to their former glory.

We have Uncle Grandpa's Peter Browngardt in charge of it and we have to say the animation so far has been on par from the stuff from the 1930's.

We just ain't sure about if it's still as funny. Animation down, check. Same humor. We, dunno.

10 shorts aired at a film festival to date with the audience giving it a thumbs up, but other than that and the trailer above we don't know much about these new toons. 


With updates on social media and the trades we know an Animaniacs reboot was suppose to come out this year on Hulu. From relatively unknown Wellesley Wild who worked on Family Guy; it's not the name we would think of associating with it. The original voice cast is coming back, but other than that there's not even a trailer.

The best concern so far online is if the well-endowed Hello Nurse will be allowed to say in the show or be written out like the very ample sized Ms. Bellum for Powerpuff Girls was taken out for it's reboot. If so, we'll miss the cleavage.

Unknown air date
C.H. Greenblatt was given the keys to take over Hanna-Barbera's classic anthropomorphic animals. Greenblatt gave us the likes of Chowder on Cartoon Network after working on The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. He knows his stuff and seems like the perfect choice for wacky adventures with these iconic rip-offs of dead celebrities reborn and remembered as talking animals.

Inside Job
Unknown air date 

This cartoon is set in a shadow government office and isgonna be a work-place comedy. It comes from a writer who worked on both Gravity Falls and Regular Show, Shion Takeuchi. It looks like it'll have a female lead having to deal with all the different conspiracies that are believed to exist.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Otaku Culture: Learn About Japanese Culture From Some Guy Named Galbraith

Patrick W. Galbraith that is.

He is one of our favorite writers on Japanese culture or essentially the nerdy fan aspects of it. We've interviewed him before and like his studious nature. He analyzes anime at a college level and his newest book Otaku and the Struggle for Imagination in Japan can be downloaded or picked up on Amazon right now.

We thought we'd remind everyone about his work as many of us our stuck indoors. And when things settle down you might want to visit Japan or at least dream of it, like so many people born in the 80's, 90's and early 2000's.

In his latest look at the inner workings of the ever elusive Otaku we get a breakdown of how we think of them and we might want to remember that they're still people, not just nerd memes. But, yes, a lot of the things they do or go nerd out over can be very strange. And, at first I thought about titling this Otaku Culture: Learn About Japanese Culture Before It Goes Extinct Due To Low Fertility Rates. Because we don't think of them getting any.

Patrick isn't like us, he gives thoughtful information explaining what it means to be an Otaku and more in depth information on what we might consider weird Otaku culture. Y'know the stuff we read and watch on the Internet about super fandom.

But, it doesn't stop there. He has; probably my favorite of his work and can't wait for an updated, The Otaku Encyclopedia, explaining every word uttered on the Internet in a charming, on all the phrases you wondered about from anime or 4chan in a bit-sized book.

Then you have The Moe Manifesto, trying to capture the love of anime girls and a look inside Otaku's homes in Otaku Spaces. A wide selection on all the things that our Anime Expo loving friends in the East buy, watch and play. And know you can read about the addiction to to those things they have, because you kind of have them too.

Media Hype: Duck Tales Back Apr 4, Enter The Florpus, Pure Trance & Wired

The rebooted Duck Tales comes back next week with brand new episodes.

 If you haven't seen Invader Zim: Enter The Florpus, we highly recommend it. We just watched it again for a fourth time and it still holds up at making us laugh. Only on Netflix.

*As a fan of animation and Nickelodeon for ages, it's fascinating to see Nick giving up on showcasing work on its on cable channel and instead making content for Netflix or at least giving it up to run for a number of years on Netflix. Another cartoon called Glitch Techs is another instance of Nick just giving a series to Netflix first with no timeline if it'll ever air on Nick. Nick seems to be stepping as fast as possible into being a content provider and not a channel.

Pure Trance

If you've never dealt with the ultra cute, but at the same time violent & sexy work of Junk Mizuno, where have you been? We mean, Nuclues Gallery usually teams up with her once a year. We're telling you to get a copy of her manga Pure Trance, which is all kinds of messed up in a good way.

Synopsis: Following the Third World War, humankind left the toxic surface of the Earth and built an underground city to survive.

A serious social problem emerged in this new society: hyperorexia, or severe overeating, a side effect of the Pure Trance life-sustaining pill.

Our story begins in a hospital that has been ruined by a tyrannical director, Keiko Yamazaki...

Wired Magazine
As we write this it's $5 for both print and digital for a year, 12 issues
which is usually $10
So, not a bad deal in any case

When is there a better time to read about the newest improvements in the fields of science and technology? We mean you have free time right now. Wired has been our go to magazine for years. Showcasing dreamed up tech that might never come out to stories about the strangest places science can take you. Be that in your home, into crystal caves below the earth or outer space.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Quarantine Meal Deal & Castle Crashers

Worth more than gold
This might be far out for some, but if it's a drive you can handle, we recommend Rose City Pizza
Get the elote pizza with chicken added, if you can.
Beloved, once on Xbox 360 game, Castle Crashers is having a great deal on Steam this week. You can play the game for free for the rest of the week or buy it for $2.99 until April 1st. Or get a four person pack for $10.79, meaning you and up to three friends can beat up evil knights together online.

Battle Block Theater, coming from the same people, is also on sale.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

You'd Be Loco To Pass Up LACO March 28 & 29

Will our jokes get better when we write titles? No. But, they will inform you of things you can Stream. So, stream LACO AT HOME. What's that you say? The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra (LACO) is streaming some free concerts and it's starting this Saturday and Sunday. So, sit back, relax and listen to some da*n fine classic music.

March 28 + 29

[Broadcast Premiere] LACO at Home

Stravinsky, Prokofiev + Mazzoli

A LACO AT HOME broadcast featuring music by Stravinsky and Prokofiev alongside works by Ravel and Missy Mazzoli.
Saturday, March 28 AT 8 P.M.: Stravinsky, Prokofiev + Mazzoli
Sunday, March 29 AT 7 P.M.: Stravinsky, Prokofiev + Mazzoli

All broadcasts can be live-streamed at laco.org/broadcasts and streamed on-demand at laco.org/on-demand

Weekly What You Can't Do: Go Outside

Yup, it's another week of staying inside. So catch up with a good book with a steaming cup of Joe. Or sit down and play some video games in your back log. Or just watch some of the many streaming choices we've told you over the last week. Or give a friend a call.

We'll be back with things to do, when you can do them.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Looking Forward To Round-Up: Reno 911!, Cursed Films, One Step From Eden, Special Home Edition

Here's some upcoming stuff to get excited for or at least what we're getting excited for.

-Reno 911! Returns
It's coming back via new streaming service Quibi. New episodes are suppose to drop in bit-sized chunks starting April 6th. If an avid fan, some people are just back from the dead from being blown-up, like none of that ever happened. So, yeah, all original cast is back.

-Cursed Films
This short documentary series will take on the task of talking about the terrors from some frightening cursed productions. It starts April 2nd on streaming service Shudder. Here's the schedule:
  • April 2: Ep. 1 “The Exorcist”
  • April 9: Ep. 2 “Poltergeist” and Ep. 3 “The Omen”
  • April 16: Ep. 4 “The Crow” and Ep. 5 “Twilight Zone: The Movie”
Also get a free month of Shudder with the code SHUTIN

-One Step From Eden
This new card-battler comes from partial support from Humble Bundle, whose one of its publishers. It's out Thursday, March 26 and looks like a fun new game to get lost in on your way to make it to Eden. Whatever that place is?

-TCM Classic Film Festival: Special Home Edition
April 16-19
TV and online

Yes, this is real and not a joke. But honestly, it could be. Because the classic film festival, that let people enjoy beloved films back in theaters with special guests, got pulled, we now have this. So, we're getting a best of selection of films shown online and on TCM. 

TCM Classic Film Festival: Special Home Edition, an on-air celebration of TCM Classic Film Festival movies and moments from the past decade that fans can enjoy from the comfort of their homes. As a part of the Special Home Edition, TCM is proud to showcase films that have been a part of the TCM Classic Film Festival, both from years past and slated for this year’s event. 
To provide additional context and insight, details are below that share when these films were screened at the Festival along with the special guests that attended these screenings. This special edition of the Fest begins April 16 at 8pm continuing until April 19 on TCM and will include TCM hosts, special guests and events to follow on-air and online.

via BloodyDisgusting

Monday, March 23, 2020

Why Weren't Penises Cut Off, Larry? The Season Finale of Curb Your Enthusiam, Eh

What should have ended this season of Curb Your Enthusiasm was an unwanted bris. I mean Johnsons being jacked. Wieners getting wacked. C%3*s being cut-off! Instead we tread in with some mediocre flops.

Since, we first saw the Pee Cube, invented by Larry; a new take on the urinal, earlier this season. We thought, "Oy, that's gonna sting!" They're shouldn't be a shutting door anywhere near one's penis. Especially, sliding.

Now with the season finale episode set-up with the big Johnson club, and much talk of man bits knocking over stuff, we thought,"Oh, here's some surprise castration." Instead, we get, meh.

What a waste of Paul Scheer and another bald shaft.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Parks, You Can No Longer Go & LADWP Not Being Monsters For Once

Looks like too many people went outside this weekend and didn't practice social distancing so the Mayor closed all city parks and beaches, (sarcastic) great. Governor Newsom made a similar decision over the weekend, but, for some reason, still allows hiking around state parks, but that might change. You should check on the park's social media before going, because at this point it might be closed.

Some good news, if it's hard to pay water and power right now.

Game Hype: Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories Demo

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories demo is now up on the  PlayStation Store and Nintendo eShop. Because nothing is better to play than a survival game, based on a real world catastrophe to get your mind off of things. Special edition backpack looks pretty sweet though.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Time For Jackbox and Drawful 2

The good folks over Jackbox Games have made Drawful 2 free for the next three weeks. Head over to Steam and grab it. You've got till' April 10th at 10pm. It's a super fun drawing game perfect to play indoors and stream to friends who can play with their phones. More details on getting for other systems.

But how do I play games online?

Pssst, read these: How to Play Jackbox Games with Friends and Family Remotely
How to Get Started with Online Multiplayer Games When You're Bored At Home

And over here you can buy the wonderful Jackbox Party Pack game series on sale.

Last we looked there was a sale on PSN for the Jackbox Party Pack games too, but you best hurry.

Virtual Openings: PINvitational 2 Tonight March 20th & Golden Hour April 3rd

Check out these art shows online as the term virtual openings is now apparently a thing.


Fri, Mar 20th, 7-9p


35+ Pin Designers
400+ Pins

From George Townley: 

So due to the current situation, my show won’t be happening in the physical space on Melrose Avenue. The good news is that the exhibition will be continuing online so you can enjoy all the new work from the comfort of your own home, all twelve limited edition prints will be debuting at 12PM PDT, 3rd April on https://nineteeneightyeight.com/

This is a huge shame as I’ve been working on this show for about a year now and to not be able to see them in Los Angeles is pretty disappointing, but it’s out of my control and I’m extremely grateful that I’m able to continue this online. I’m planning to come out to LA later this year when this has all (hopefully) died down a little bit, so see you then!

 *He's work is kind of eerily timely as each piece is devoid of people.

Game Hype: Assemble with Care, MAQUETTE & Mini Motorways

Assemble with Care
Out March 26 Steam

This game, from the same people who brought you Monument Valley, has you fixing all sort of items from the 80's. It looks to be a puzzle game, but puzzles that you could solve in the real world, by repairing a lot of 80's tech like a Walkman or a gameboy. It just looks, re'al pre'tay. And won awards before it makes it to Steam next week.

We really want to learn more and play this puzzling puzzler, MAQUETTE. It seems you might be stuck within a world within a world. And that creates for a lot of fun trying to figure you way out. And at the same time a lady is totally hitting on you...or at least in the trailer.

Mini Motorways

Made by the perfectly chill people who made Mini Metro, Dinosaur Polo Club has done it again with Mini Motorways. This time you've got minimalist design to look at as you plan the best way for cities around the world to let their cars get around. Yup, you control the roads and have to plan the best routes for tiny little cars to get around town without clogging traffic. A game to passively play and make sure you don't cause care accidents or look like the 101 or 405.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Not That Much To Do, But Stream

If you've kept up with the news, the latest isn't for the best for a site called Things To Do In LA. We're gonna mostly be sharing streaming, reading and playing for the rest of the month as some new mandatory effects have come into view.

Both the Mayor and Governor have dealt us with staying at home unless it's essential to go out. What that means is essentially almost everything fun is dead. At least outside your house.

What you can and can't do right now is shared here in this actually really easy to follow guide.

“Safer At Home”: What You Need to Know

Our favorite part of the Can Do section might be how cyclist scum are still allowed to go outside.
"Take a walk, ride your bike, hike, jog and be in nature for exercise — just keep at least six feet between you and others in the community."

There's the same news from the Governor over at The LA Times, but you might be hit with a paywall.

So, as many planned already stay inside, catch up on some past posts. Chill and watch some movies we suggest.

Things To Play: Chrono Trigger & Vitamin Connection

With that extra indoor time, why not play some video games. And, yes, the painfully obvious Animal Crossing and Doom Eternal are some great choices, but here's some others.

Chrono Trigger
Oh look, a very beloved time-traveling JRPG from the 90's. It's from Square Enix, well, technically it's from when they were just Square. The Enix would come later. From the same company that gave us Final Fantasy comes a game using art by Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball). No, not Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger.

Basic concept, forget that. It's time to uh, time travel and possibly fix history. You'll start off as the young kid Chrono on an unassuming millennial festival, no, not that kind of Millennial. This one celebrates the last 1,000 years. Chrono gets mixed up in your average gotta save the damsel in distress deal. But, then an unfair ruling at a legal hearing and the destruction of the world make the stakes a bit bigger. You'll be joined by friends from different eras with different elemental powers to fight mutants, monsters, robots and dinosaurs. Or, y'know the world ends in the future. You were just enjoying the day at the fair...

The games on Steam now, but if you can get it on DS or Vita, PS3 we recommend it on those more. Apparently, the Steam version isn't the best, but is the easiest way to get the game. Sadly, not on Switch or any current console.

Vitamin Connection

This fun new game from WayForward has you piloting a pill ship with a compadre. Yes, it's couch co-op goodness. A friend holds one Joy-Con vertically to move and shoot, and another friend holds another Joy-Con horizontally to rotate and aim.You'll be transversing inside of people and will have to move around much like a slow shump. The overall game looks like a fun anime series for kids and even has a story about you as Vita-Boy and Mina-Girl trying to stop an infection in a family household.

*That's pretty well-timed as we're writing this during the Coronavirus outbreak of 2020.

Looking Forward To: Vagrant Queen, Psycho Goreman & Silence's Scream

Next week on Syfy we get Vagrant Queen, Fri, March 27th . And we're optimistic about this fun looking sci-fi adventure about a queen going on crazy adventures with her friends. We'll have to wait and see what it's like, but we haven't watched anything on SyFy in a few years and this is giving us a reason to look at it again.

Psycho Goreman aka PG is from the director of The Void and we'll give him a shot anytime. It doesn't hurt that the story is about a couple of kids gaining control of a kaiju monster out of Power Rangers and it looks incredibly bloody and violent. No word when it's gonna be out, but probably gonna be on the festival circuit for a little while starting in October.

And then just some great news, if it all goes through. Radio Silence, is working on bringing back Scream with a new movie. The two directors of Ready or Not are gonna director and their third member of the Silence team is coming on as a producer with original creator Kevin Williamson. We're big fans of both Radio Silence and the Scream franchise, so we can't wait to see what they bring in it's latest version.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Things To Stream: Not For Resale: A Video Game Store Documentary, Beforeigners & The Neighbor (El vecino)

Not For Resale: A Video Game Store Documentary
You can find the movie on YouTube and Google Play too

A doc to listen to while doing something else. Not a bad review, just simply not that fascinating, but something mellow to have on in the background. It's all about video game stores and the people who work in them around the country vs buying games digitally. Both have problems and convenience. The doc goes back on forth on the subject. And, why indie games could only exists thanks to a digital market, It ends with a museum that we wish was in LA. A look into the National Video Game Museum! Road Trip! Special report from TTDILA one day.

via HBO

It's like every cop show you've seen...although, people are time-traveling from the past to modern time and no one knows why. Set in Norway, a cop team, comprised of a time-rehab-drug using, divorced dude and a former shield maiden have to solve crimes. The whole twist makes it watchable and having places in the story devoted to the cultures from other eras is always fun and cringy look at our on modern world. Viking DJ party anyone? But that's giving the writer's way too much credit. Because most of the show is naked people and the same cop show problems you've seen dozens of times over.

Subtitled, because it's from Norway

The Neighbor (El vecino)

This one is basically on the list only because one of our favorite directors, Nacho Vigalondo (Colossal, Pooka!) directed the first episode. That seems to be the end of his involvement, but the show really does seems like something that comes from his work. A nobody, down on his luck, gets super powers and must learn to use them for good. At the same time he has to hide his newfound powers from his ex-girlfriend.

Subtitled, because it's from Spain

Weekly What You Can't Do: Oh, Boy!

This is unprecedented.

It's worse than any Christmas.

All events are cancelled or postponed in LA.

What you can do is on the side of the site (in the desktop version of the site) and it's very little. Visit a park or a store. Most of our favorite shops, businesses and what not are now closed.

Restaurants are closed, only open for delivery and take-out.

Going off of the news, it's gonna be like this until the end of March. Then, after seeing the numbers of cases, places will be allowed to open up or will remain closed.

Pay attention to the site for what to stream, play and read. As there isn't anything else to do. Will keep you entertained through this.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Streaming Services To Try: Quibi, TokuSHOUTsu & The Criterion Channel

Well, Quibi is suppose to be up and running next month. The format is different as episodes are suppose to be under ten minutes and can be viewed on your phone horizontally or vertically. Everything for Qubi is shot in a way that no matter how you hold your phone, it was shot in the correct format you'll be watching it in. And they do want people to mainly view on their phone or tablets. It's gonna have a ton of content from many well known directors.

A nice deal is a 90 day free trail their suppose to be sending via an e-mail if you sign up at their site now. We did it a few days ago, but still haven't gotten any e-mails.

Qubi won't officially be up until April 6th

via /Flim

TokuSHOUTsu is a channel on the free streaming service Pluto TV. It's from Shout Factory and with it comes a catalog of all the sentai rangers aka Power Rangers before they get Americanized over here. So, they have countless hours of horrifying monsters getting beat up by robots.

Starting on March 17th at midnight will be the first time Kamen Rider, the original Kamen Rider, will start being shown in full to the US. Well, we're not sure because Hawaii use to get a ton of Japanese super hero shows, but for right now and the best guest of io9, it's the first time it comes to America.

The Criterion Channel, yes! A huge, huge selection of hard to find films with extras. This channel almost died when the last major merger occurred, but then it came back stronger than ever. For movie buffs or people trying to find the hardest of recommendations, this is for you. You're gonna want to use this service to see movies in a great format.

Criterion cares and knows about quality. It's considered the top brand in showcasing films and showing them in the best format.

A 14-day free trial is pretty sweet to do right now.

Movie Hype: Big Hollywood Movies Streaming Soon

With the ongoing coronavirus shutting down all the theaters in LA and a lot of the country, the big studios are stepping up...to keep making money.

This week, starting on Friday, you'll be able to rent the following from Universal: The Hunt, The Invisible Man and Emma. But, it's gonna cost you $19.99 and you only get it for 48 hours. There set to release via multiple online streaming services.

Then, the week after that, Birds of Prey is doing the same thing on Tuesday, March 24th.

via /Film, Bloody Disgusting

Things To Stream: Exit, Swallow & The Witch: Subversion

We're putting the links for Amazon Prime, but you can find the movies on YouTube and Google Play.


Another "great" heavily CGI, strange concept Korean disaster movie, this is a sub-genre at this point. Of course coming from our friends at CJ entertainment who own the CGV Cinemas in Koreatown. Yong-Nam is a down on his luck, 20-something that can find a job. At his Mom's 70th birthday at a hotel the downtown area has a lethal gas attack. Those who want to live, must go higher up to avoid the deadly gas. That's where Yong-Nam rock-climbing skills come in. Yes, he has to climb on the outside of buildings to get his family to safety. Oh, and the girl who turned him down, who is also a rock-climber, happens to work at the hotel of the party? What?

It's an over-the-top thrill ride and love story with some quirky Korean comedy for an action thriller of it's variety. That's a lot of genres smooshed together.

What'll keep you interested is the suburban climb that our heroes will have to go on, if they want to make it to the exit. Oh, and there's a little bit of resourcefulness on their part on overcoming obstacles you might like too.

Korean, English subtitles


Yes, we've written about it before on the site and we've finally seen it. And ewwwwww! Informing the viewer of the real disorder some women get when pregnant called Pica. We see a women, Hunter, eating things she shouldn't and we don't mean fattening or alcoholic with an early pregnancy. We mean like paper clips. And other objects you shouldn't, because they aren't food. You're there for a lot of things going in and painfully coming out. There should be a minimalist posters for things that travel through her, please, someone make that. Let's say there's a special dish for everything that goes in-n-out, like a collection piece you might show friends. But this time you probably wouldn't.

And this is all going on with Hunter adapting to her husband's family and their unhappiness with the situation, but there is an ever apparent undercurrent of other problems with Hunter and her new family that comes back up with whatever she swallowed. A special watch that isn't a horror movie, but has moments just as scary.

The Witch: Subversion

Now, we didn't see this one just yet, but the only reason we want to see it is for the brutal violence it promises.

From Wikipedia
10 years ago, Ja-yoon escaped from a government facility in the midst of an inexplicable incident by herself and lost all her memory. An old couple takes her in even though she doesn’t know her name or age. She grows up to be a bright high school student and enters a nationally televised audition program to win the top prize and help her struggling family out. As soon as she appears on TV, strange people start appearing in her life. A man named ‘Nobleman’ constantly roams around her, in addition to ‘Dr. Baek’ and ‘Mr. Choi’ who have been searching for her since her disappearance. Ja-yoon’s life falls into turmoil as they turn her seemingly ordinary life upside down in a blink of an eye
Korean, English subtitles

Monday, March 16, 2020

Things We Like To Stream: Best of the Worst, Internet Comment Etiquette, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend & How Did This Get Played?

Here's some of our favorite YouTube shows and Podcasts you can check out if bored.


One of the funniest shows on the net. RedLetterMedia's core is Mike, Jay and Rich with Jack and Josh. These middle-age white man will grow on you as their minds break down watching utter crap in Best of the Worst or when they brutally make fun of the latest films from Hollywood in Half in the Bag. Best of the Worst has the crew sitting through and then reviewing random or well known terrible movies. Half in the Bag has Mike and Jay acting as VCR repairmen lazily and half-assedly working for the worst old man ever, Mr. Plinkett, played by Rich Evans.

Every episode is just great commentary on why some movies are worst, not that they're just the worst, but a break down on why with the crew who are filmmakers themselves. Mike and Jay play-off of each other with two different perspectives, but episodes when Rich is added to the mix are the best as the put-downs towards him never stop. Rich is the sacrificial lamb of the group, the butt of all jokes, the beta...max?

Internet Comment Etiquette

Trying to teach the Internet the right way to treat each other never gets old with Erik, writing the worst comments on posts ever. Erik aka Salvia teaches the viewer a lesson each episode, which is usually just him finding misinformation from unreliable sources online and coming up with intricate comments to leave on their social media that are almost a new wave of insult. His insults are an art. And usually at the same time Erik has a story unfolding with his lesson, even though he mostly stays at his computer desk.

What will happen this time will Erik's robot join him our his past self that predicts the future. Our will he just shoot his own team in Counter-Strike?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Though it airs every Sunday night on HBO, we get a free version of the show covering the main topic on YouTube the next day. They cut off the top segments and just give us the main course. An alum from The Daily Show, spreading the word on the latest news and making it funny comes easy to John Oliver. But the show we get on YouTube usually covers a certain topic where John breaks it down to it's most basic form and rips in to how stupid it's still going on. His style of both worry and being pissed-off makes for a delightfully well made news program.

And a reminder, this is an HBO show, so, John has a ton of cash to flash on utter nonsense. Be it renting downtown New York to insult a coal baron with a musical number to making horrible, horrible mascots of brands people don't need to exist.

Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend

Conan is a very funny man and he just isn't given enough time to talk with someone in his new format 22-minute episode TV show. Conan can really sit down with a guest, insult them and insult the rest of his crew Matt Gourley, podcast king and Conan's real-life assistant, Sona Movsesian. And in good turn his guest, a number of great comedians and actors can insult him.

Each episode feature a new guest that really has a fun and thoughtful convo with Conan and depending on the energy of the guest it can go anywhere and to any topic. They're are no network restrictions, so they can bring up whatever they want.

Our favorite part might be that Conan constantly talks like an old-timer and we mean someone from the 1800's, not an old man.

How Did This Get Played?

Heather Anne Campbell and Nick Wiger stole the name and concept from another Earwolf podcast, How Did This Get Made?, which is about movies. But, theirs is about the worst and weirdest video games. These two are great co-hosts as they play well off of each other with their disgust and hatred of some of the worst games ever made. Little touches like Heather bringing her horrible traumatic life (the loneliness) or Nick's utter frustration with some games controls fuels the show to keep moving forward. Comedian guests come on and question why they had to play the game and spout heir hatred of it.

A November episode put Nick and Heather in hot seat as they called in a guest who was an Indian only because they were an Indian to review the awful Custard's Revenge. The episode stopped about gaming and how Nick and Heather didn't even know they were being racist. Then it was never spoken of again.

Other than that one special episode, the show stays in format and draws you in with its theme song that changes each week to match the game being discussed.