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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Shut Up Little Man! Review

Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure

A film you'd think to be about surly midgets is really about two old men who hated each other in apartment in San Francisco. I've been waiting a while to review this film since it came out in January and was part of Sundance. Shut Up Little Man! is a documentary on a underground and cult following of tapes about an angry redneck and gay men who shared a tiny apartment in San Francisco in the late 80's. These two old men, Peter (gay dude) and Ray (redneck) were almost a sitcom format show, a mismatched couple living together, bitterly drunk and cracking stupid insults. Two young men lived next door and recorded the cursing and hate. The tapes spread like cocaine through an art gallery at an opening show through America.

The film should have been 40 minutes instead of the hour and 30 it is. It repeats itself, over and over again about the same events and annoyingly enough the same audio of Peter and Ray. There's suppose to be hours of tapes, but they seem to use the same one in this film. The phrase "Cinéma vérité" is explained twenty times.

The film is more about the two guys who made the recording than Peter and Ray. That's the obvious problem is that these two don't have much substance as to why you shoud care about them, beyond the start of the film. Then at some point the film inverts on itself and goes on about attempted movie deals based on our duo of ill-tempered drunk men. I'd say say just find the audio recordings and call it a day. Your not going to learn anything from the film you can't just wiki online. I could care less about the different comic book writers commentary who made maybe one comic based on the audio recordings.

There's some great little special effects and recreations of scenes using actors an old footage to make the film stand out, but it's inabilty to stop repeating itself and go to something new or go to another audio clip kills it. It's ending isn't as pitiful as Grizzly Man where you don't get to see footage of the bear eating the guy, but you might turn it off before you get that far.

I had such high hopes for this film to make me laugh, but in the end I just got one big one from the words of Tony, the third roommate, whose happy over someone's death.

No Donut Summit or Korean BBQ Cook-Off This Summer

Sorry to give the bad news, but Donut Summit and the Korean BBQ Cook-Off aren't happening. I've contacted members of both orginizations and both said they're skipping this Summer. It doesn't mean they're gone forever, just that they couldn't do it this year. Donut Summit members are too busy this year and Korean BBQ Cook-Off gave no reason. I'm going to miss the donuts and Choco-Pie eating contest.

Adventure Time Tribute @ Nucleus

What? Now there's one in LA? Or... I guess Alhambra!

Adventure Time Tribute
August 18, 2012 - September 9, 2012
Aug 18, 7:00PM - 11:00PM
Nucleus 210 East Main St, Alhambra CA 91801
Come on grab your friends, we're going to very distant lands. Specifically to the Land of Ooo, where Jake the Dog and Finn the Human share unpredictable adventures with a cast of characters. Cartoon Network and Nucleus present a totally lumpin' awesome exhibit featuring over thirty truly talented artists paying tribute to the animated series. The roster also includes artists from the series as well as the Kaboom comic book. Stay tuned as we announce more details about artist appearances, contests, and opening night festivities.

The fun will never's Adventure Time!
I'll have more later, just found out cripes!

OhNo!Doom Gallery Adventure Time: A Tribute Show Teaser

 Below is the press release for the Adventure Time art show I mentioned yesterday. It's happening August 11th in Chicago with a huge artist list you can find below. It looks like it'll be a huge assortment of different stuff. I'd love to start seeing some international shows, like a Japanese or European AT tribute show.

A Tribute Show by OhNo! Doom

Chicago, IL, (07/30/2012) - C'mon, grab your friends! Chicago collaborative
OhNo!Doom invite you to Adventure Time! A tribute show inspired by the hit
Cartoon NetworkT series, Adventure Time! features all-new works by more
than 43 international designers, illustrators, and plush artists. Join us
in paying honor to Finn, Jake, all their friends and our friends, too, on
August 11, 2012, at OhNo!Doom Gallery (1800 N. Milwaukee Ave). It'll be

Doors open at 6pm and close 10pm. Food and beverages will be provided by
Worm Hole Coffee and Fritz Pastry. Adventure Time! runs from August 11-30,
2012. Please direct all questions or media requests to [email protected].

Artists include:

Logan Faerber, Niark1, Dave Palumbo, Kevin Luong, Michael Hacker, Patricio

Steff Bomb, Steph Laberis, Shawn Smith, Mr. Walters, Jeremiah Ketner,
Nerfect, Mike Budai,

Brian Luong, Kelly Denato, Noelle Stevenson, Jason Chalker, Jeromy Velasco,
Pock-it Palz, Brain Killer, Veggiesomething, Michael B. Myers, Paisley
Babylon, Jake Waldron, Michelle Coffee,

Lana Crooks, Alex Willan, Andrew Thompson, Kat Brunnegraff, Love & a
Sandwich, Sean Dove, Ennis Martin, Goni Montes, James Gilleard, Bill
Halliar, Melissa Sue Stanley, Charles Santoso, Michal Wright-Ward,
Christina Sanchez, Anne Kirn, Marla Campbell, Matthew Woodson, Dena Obaza,
Mandy McGee, Kill Taupe, Eric Battaglia, Winona Nelson, Cory Benhatzel +

OhNo!Doom is a Chicago artist collective made up of designers, illustrators
and plush artists (who all work creative jobs during the week). The group
operates an art gallery-shop in Bucktown, that showcases it's members work
as well as other artists from around the world and is home to ON!D's
designer toy and clothing line. *

1800 N. Milwaukee
Chicago IL 60647

Thurs & Fri 5pm.10pm
Sat 12pm.7pm

Transportation: North of the Damen Blue Line
South of the Western Blue Line
Bus 49, 56, 72
Plenty of Metered Street Parking

By Appointment: [email protected]
Phone: 773.698.8348

Lucha VaVOOM's 10th Anniversary Spectacular

featuring A Celebration & Performance of EPIC PROPORTIONS!!!! / Live Masked Mexican Wrestling, Hi-Octane Striptease and Comedy Featuring Hi-flying hunks! Sexy Senoritas! The birth of BABY DIRTY SANCHEZ! Lots of Comedians you love! / ONE NIGHT ONLY - SPECIAL PARTY SEATING!!!
Thursday, Aug 09, 2012 8:00 PM PDT (7:00 PM Doors)
Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
21 years and over


Monday, July 30, 2012

Adventure Time: A Tribute Show @ OhNo!Doom Gallery August

OhNo!Doom Gallery out in Chicago is going to have a tribute show for Adventure Time this August. Details are scant right now, but I'll be giving updates about the show here or on the Adventure Time Time sisters site.

They did a pretty good show for video games called Super Button Mashers

Are We Gonna Smash A Car Friday? Combo Attack: 25 Years of Street Fighter

IAMIBIT'S Facebook has eluded to some very car smashing-ily good times at their upcoming

From their earlier press releases about a bonus level made real I assume we might have a car to smash in their parking lot. I wonder what release form you'll have to sign to smash it or maybe there pulling a trick and they've made something else all together.

Update: Turns out it's a pinata "A real-life "BONUS ROUND," letting you get your rage out on a 6-foot pinata version of that classic sedan from Street Fighter II"

Korean American Film Festival Los Angeles

 Wow, just a little bit after the the Look East Film Festival celebrating Korean cinema you have the Korean American Film Festival Los Angeles.

 "The 2012 KAFFLA will take place Thursday, August 9th through Saturday, August 11th, 2012,at the Korean Cultural Center, 5505 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, 90036. Tickets will be available for individual programs at the Korean Cultural Center during the festival,

 6pm – 9pm August 9,

and 1pm – 9pm 

August 10 & 11"

 There's some interesting titles including Ultimate Christian Wrestling and a big feature that hits home with the LA Riots Program showcasing docs on what happened during one of our more tragic periods.

more info and tickets

KAFFLA SCHEDULE 8/9 – 8/11 (Thurs – Sat)


06:30pmOpening Night Reception KCC 3rd Fl. Lobby
07:00pmWedding Palace Behind-The-Scenes - Short
Should’ve Kissed – Feature


02:00pmKAFFLA Incubator Program 1
(Q&A w/ filmmakers)
04:30pmKAFFLA Incubator Program 2(Q&A w/ filmmakers)
07:30pmShorts ProgramKorean School Rejects, Blue, City, Recorder Exam, Saeng-Il, The Problem of Gravity, Hooked, Dol
(Q&A w/ filmmakers) 


02:00pmMagic and Loss - Feature
04:00pmLA Riots 2012 Program - LA Riots: Reflections On Our Future, Clash of Colors, Pokdong, LAR20, I Got My Mind Made Up
(Q&A w/ filmmakers) 
7:30pmUltimate Christian Wrestling - Feature

The Second Season of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated Out Today

It seems Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated comes back today to Cartoon Network. It was suppose to come back twice already, but has been delayed. No idea why, all the episodes are done, so it's a bit of a mystery. New episodes have been airing in other countries, but the US is just getting the second season today. Check local listings for time and set your dvrs. I wonder why they just didn't wait for a Halloween October launch, will probably get a marathon of the show then.

This latest edition of Scooby-Doo might be the best, making fun off the old cartoons and having some great voice work and good writing. There are suppose to be some cameos from other Hana Barbera classic cartoons, so keep watching.

Now if CN could show the end of Generator Rex.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sci-Fi, Super Heroes and Magic

Star Trek Night at Dodger Stadium

Oh, man! Why are you the same night as the Street Fighter Anniversary and so close to it? Star Trek fans can pick up a free Spock sports shirt and William Shatner will be there early doing stuff. At least I didn't miss this one. I missed when Vader threw out the pitch for Star Wars Kinect and they really didn't get the word out.

"Always wanted to be a member of the Starfleet Academy? Well now you can join fellow "Trekkers" for the inaugural Star Trek Night at Dodger Stadium when the Dodgers face the Chicago Cubs at 7:10pm on August 3. This ticket package includes a seat in the Coca-Cola All-You-Can-Eat-Pavilion and a limited edition Dodger and Star Trek themed t-shirt. You certainly won't want to be "beamed up" once you are here. You'll certainly won't want to be "beamed up" once you are here. LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!
Star Trek legend William Shatner will be at Dodger Stadium for pre-game festivities and to throw the first pitch!"

Fallen Superheroes

So I'm not sure if the writers are coming for this book, but hey someone is suppose to lead the discussion.
Special Event
"Using superheroes as allegory, this colorful photo narrative explores the not-so-glamorous and dark realities of those who strive to live their dreams against all odds. Visit Barnes & Noble for a fascinating discussion of Fallen Superheroes."
Tuesday July 31, 2012 7:00 PM

The Grove at Farmers Market
189 Grove Drive Suite K 30, Los Angeles, CA 90036, 323-525-0270

Night of Zabrecky

An Evening with Rob Zabrecky
Wednesday Aug. 1st, Wednesday Sept. 5th, and Wednesday Oct. 10th

Current Magic Castle 'Stage Magician of the Year' Rob Zabrecky presents a one-man variety show quite unlike any other. After several recent sold-out performances, Zabrecky's laugh till you cry act returns with a revised program featuring highlights from his award winning Magic Castle act, song  and dance, conversations with outmoded satellites, audience interaction, absurdist parapsychology, and more.

Date: Wednesday, August 01, 2012
Time: 8:00 PM

Trepany House
4773 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Map and Directions

Phone: (323) 666-4268

Friday, July 27, 2012

Andrew On Some Insane Moo Bender

One time interviewed artist Andrew Wilson is making some Moo MiniCards, which I have never heard of until he posted about it. There like smaller, longer business cards. You may be wondering, "Why should I care ?", simple he likes video games. So his first card is Mario and I can't wait to see what other video game cards he'll be drawing out. Here's his post on it.

Where the Hell is Donut Summit and the Korean BBQ Cook-Off?

Strange times this summer as were almost into August with no word on both Donut Summit and the Korean BBQ Cook-Off. Sure, we've had Galco's soda tasting, but what of more sugar and meat?

Donut Summit usually happens this weekend, but no word from the good folks over at Blogging LA who make it happen. It's a celebration of free donuts as everyone brings a dozen and shares them, then everyone votes on which is the best.

Here's coverage from last years Donut Summit.

The Korean BBQ Cook-Off usually happy the first weekend of August and there's no web-site up on-line, not a good sign. The cook-off is a day to sample the different eats around Korea Town in a festive place, has it been replaced by the likes of the 626 Night Market all the way in Pasadena?

Here's coverage of the event from last year.

I guess I'll contact both groups/ organizations and see what's up.

Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage ?! Collector's Edition

Here's the early artwork for the Collector's editions steel Enchiridion packaging. Yet, there's more with a stylus in the shape of Finn's Gold Sword, an art book, an activity book and and fold out poster of Ooo. Not sure yet if the activity book and art book are together.

You can get two editions one for 3DS or plain ol' DS here

I'll put up photos of the collector's edition and it's goodies if I find them online.
  • Collectible SteelBook packaging with artwork of the Enchiridion - no printing on the outside of the package!
  • The Enchiridion is a Hero's Handbook' carried by Finn
  • Custom stylus of Finn's Gold Sword
  • Exclusive art book with Pen's drawings and activity book (content TBD)
  • Fold out poster of the Land of Ooo
  • Full version of Adventure Time game

Comic Hype: Los Angeles Based Comics "Freelancers" and "Lost Angeles"

Two comics will be depicting two radical takes on LA this Fall.


 Publisher Boom and Felipe Smith's Freelancers will be shoving down action with two hot chicks raised in orphanage and taught kung-fu who kick ass around LA on freelance missions. However, the books being written by Ian Brill, who did great work on Darkwing Duck and it's being drawn by Josh Covey. So it's unknown what Felipe will be really doing on the title.

Lost Angeles

Kevin Eastman of Ninja Turtles fame and IDW plan at dystopian future for LA in the mini-series Lost Angeles. After a meteor passes by LA get screwed over and multiple gangs spring up. The stories about two different gang members falling in love from opposing gangs. It should be extremely violent.

via comics alliance

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kickstarter LA: Don't Give Money To These

First up is John K's "Can Without Labels" cartoon. John K has done a ton of stuff for the animation industry in the past, bringing back credits to cartoon makers and bring back classic animation style. However, he hasn't done really anything in 10 years. The lastest thing was animating the start of The Simpsons, great.. that's great. He needs to stop falling back on the same thing over and over again and come up with something new. I'm fairly certain many people don't know who George Liqour is and this stupid online cartoon is going to change it.

 It's a stinking console that's going to run phone games. I don't see what the point is at all. Just get Steam, download games to your computer and get a bigger monitor. People are just throwing their money away on something that will never matter to the gaming industry, so now new games or content ever.

Anime Hype: Fractale Box Art Everything Is Purple Hair

A few days ago I reviewed Fractale the Complete Series. Great new anime from Funimation, out now. The problem I had with it is the box art looked like it was a Chinese knock-off and I questioned why people's hair colors didn't match up. As I thought it's just the original art from the Japanese release. I asked Funimation about it and there response was, "This artwork appears as it was given to us from Japan. We did not edit the artwork in anyway."

So it isn't an error as I thought, the Japanese publishers just left the orginal early art work from the series as the cover, which I think is a bit lazy.

Arcades in LA: Arcade World

 Arcade World 
2700 Colorado Boulevard
Eagle Rock Plaza Shopping Center
Suite 227, Los Angeles, CA 90041
(323) 340-1416

Arcade World located in the Eagle Rock Plaza has all sorts of games to keep you shooting, racing and ticket getting. I must say if you have youngins, Chuck E. Cheese is walking distance on the second floor of the mall from this place. If you don't want to deal with little kids and birthday parties you'll want to head over here.

Arcade World has some fun shooters by Sega including Virtua Cop 3, Confidential Mission, and multiple House of Dead Machines. They have ticket machines in front as well as multiple racers. They have air hockey and basketball hoops in back. There is a decent prize center in back to redeem your tickets, but don't think you'll be getting anything cool unless you"ll be coming back multiple times.

I have not seen a Virtua Cop 3 machine anywhere else in LA or Confidential Mission, so those are some titles worth checking out. Here's a hint, Sonic statues appear in the bank mission in Virtua Cop 3. Wait until you at the bank counter, shoot Sonic statues to get more points. Virtua Cop 3 also features bullet time and the abiltiy to slow time where you can shoot bullets coming at you. Confidential Mission is a total rip on Bond films and starts off with a silly antagonist agent that's very short and fat that it's surreal.

Decor wise the place is clean, but other than the Arcade World neon out front the place is just droll inside. There like two movie posters in back that are up, but nothing else is on the walls.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Combo Attack: 25 Years of Street Fighter Up A Level

"As a way of continually honoring and promoting the many different aspects of Street Fighter culture, Capcom has partnered with creative collective, iam8bit, to produce a special Street Fighter 25th Anniversary group art exhibition. The gallery features artwork from over 50 renowned artists from around the world, and the grand opening will be held in Los Angeles, CA on August 3rd from 7 to 11pm. Admission into the exhibit is free and all ages are welcome, and will be on display until August 19th. The opening extravaganza will also feature several one-night only installations, including a real-life "Bonus Round" that will literally transport attendees into the game. For more information about iam8bit and the Street Fighter art exhibition, check out:"


Preview Gallery

Weekly What To Do: Dude The Start of The Park

Grand Park Inaugural Weekend Events
July 28-29

4th Annual Renegade Craft Fair Los Angeles
July 28+29 from 11am-7pm both days, at the Los Angeles State Historic Park

Chinatown Summer Nights

Saturday, July 28, 2012 5:00 pm -
Three Saturday Nights Only
July 28, Aug. 11 & 25
5 pm to midnight

Klown One Week Run @ The Cinefamily

Looks like a comedy gold mine.
July 27-Aug2nd

3rd Annual Lebowski Bowl

DUDE! The Young Professionals Board of Venice Community Housing invites you to a night of bowling and Lebowski-themed fun on Friday, July 27th from 8-10 p.m

“Animaniacs” Show Tunes – Live!

"Voice actor Rob Paulsen (Yakko) and composer Randy Rogel will perform songs from the Steven Spielberg/Warner Bros. animated series’ Animaniacs for a live podcast

Friday 07/27/12 8:00 PM (Doors open at 07:00 PM)

  • Ticket Price:$20.00
  • Show Type:Podcast
  • 18 & over
    Two items minimum per person
    Seating First Come First Serve
    All Shows Have Adult Content

  • HEARTS LIKE FISTS, by Adam Szymkowicz, is a genre-bending world premiere love story. HEARTS LIKE FISTS is set in a world of evil villains and beautiful Crime Fighters!

    The evil Dr. X is stealing into lovers' rooms and injecting them with a serum, stopping their hearts while they sleep entwined in the perceived safety of their lovers' arms. And even though the beautiful and unstoppable Crime Fighters have been hot on his trail, they have been unable to capture him.

    Lisa, a woman who is desired by every man that sees her, has fallen in love with Peter, the ingenious but tortured doctor, who is about to finish his greatest creation - an artificial heart. Since Peter can't let himself love, he loses himself in his work. Since Lisa can't have Peter, she joins the Crime Fighters.
     Runs Aug 3rd - Sept 1st

    Preview Performances July 27th and 28th, Friday and Saturday at 8 pm
    Preview prices $15

    Opens August 3rd through September 1st
    Friday and Saturday at 8 pm, Sunday at 7 pm
    Tickets $25, Seniors/Students $20
    Theatre of NOTE (View)
    1517 N Cahuenga Blvd
    Hollywood, CA 90028


  • 4:00pm
  • 4503 S Centinela AVE, Los Angeles, California 90066

  • You wanted it? You got it! We are having a Super Smash Bros Brawl tournament and all are welcome to join! Imagine the energy, the excitement, and the amazingness that allows you to fight different competitors battling out with your favorite Smash characters! The entry fee will be $5 per person. As for the prize,the winner will receive three exclusive E3 2012 Pins, which can only be obtained by attending E3 21012! Any questions feel free to contact us! :)

    You can register anytime between now and 4 PM on July 28th! However if you register after when the tournament begins YOU WILL NOT BE ADMITTED! Also spectators are not allowed due to the capacity we can have here at the store, only participants are allowed, unless you are interested in purchasing something.
  • Tuesday, July 24, 2012

    The Holodeck Art Show

    Now this is a weird, but funny one.

    Group show whose participants were each given a card from a deck of Star Trek the Next Generation playing cards as a prompt for an artwork.


     100xbtr, Jonathan Apgar, Joshua Aster, Theodora Allen, Lara Bank, Leon Benn, Nora Berman, Elonda Billera, Lucy Blagg, Brian Bress, Kristin Calabrese, Joshua Callaghan, Scott Marvel Cassidy, Jimmy Chertkow, Brian Cooper, Sean Duffy, Brad Eberhard, Josh Erkman, Tyler Finnie, galería perdida, Wendell Gladstone, Zach Harris, Asher Hartman, Doug Harvey, Roger Herman, Katie Herzog, Carmine Iannaccone, Matt Johnson, Raffi Kalenderian, Michael John Kelly, Becky Kolsrund, Cyril Kuhn, Julie Lequin, Susan Logoreci, Alan Ludwig, Ashley Macomber, Dana Maiden, Susanna Maing, Amy Maloof, Antonio Puleo, Kelly Sears, Tif Sigfrids, Brad Spence, Rob Thom, Justin Veach, Matt Wardell, Christine Wertheim, Jonas Wood, Rosha Yamghai, Bari Zipperstein

    Thursday July 26
    7:00pm until 9:00pmPØST
    1904 East Seventh Place
    Los Angeles, California 90021
    Tel: 213-488-1280

    Iron Sky LA

    Only a few more seats for Iron Sky's special Tugg showing at Rave Motion Pictures 18 & IMAX  this Wednesday.

    Check out more Tugg special screenings at the venue

    Monday, July 23, 2012

    Let Them Eat Cake! Galco's Second Soda Tasting So Sweet

    Charles Phoenix holds a up a seven layer soda cake to the delight of patrons at the 2nd Annual Summer Soda Tasting at Galco's Soda Pop Stop.

    5702 York Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90042
     (323) 255-7115

    The cake used 2 cartons of pop rocks and was seven layers of soda flavors. Mr. Phoenix, who created the cake, and is showman even said, "It taste terrible!", because of all the flavors mixed together. I strongly disagree as everyone gobbled it up. To me it tasted very sweet with whatever fruit soda it was emulating and then a reminder of the taste with all the pop rocks in your mouth, Making sure that everyone got a piece there was a second cake that didn't have the flare of the first, but the same great sugary taste.

    When the cake was announced to be cut many soda engrossed fans came out to see the sparklers on it lit up, but soon the first cake was noshed up in a couple of minutes with plenty of soda around to wash it down. Before they cake was cut, Charles gave us two different soda mixes to try. First, Lemmy and Frosti soda with a gummy worm. Secondly, Lavender which was a mix of Frosti and my favorite Nesbit's Peach soda, with a Swedish fish gummy to round out the taste.

    Galco's known for it's extravagant collection of sodas and beer was in it's second year of supporting the Southwest Museum by holding its tasty soda tasting. There was burping and slurping all over Galco's lot and inside with soda stations to try out different flavors.

    Breaking down the different drinks to try my favorite might have been the tart Lemon soda from Dublin Bottling Works, which had multiple fruit flavors to try. If your more into vegetables Mr. Q Cumber Soda was refreshing with  Sweet Blossom Floral sodas. Rose petal soda was my favorite on that table. A new root beer from Galco's own White Rose line was guzzled down by attendees. There was also Ginger Ale's by Bruce Coast in the back that had a bit to much power in their taste to me. Rieme fruit flavors finished off the assortment of samples to get, unless you include Volcanic water.
    By the end of the day everyone drank a lot of soda. You had tried multiple flavors of very different drinks and had the option to grab to buy some more sodas from the huge selection inside. All in all there's nothing like it anywhere else. A soda tasting come only once a year and it only happens at Galco's.

    many more pics after the jump