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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stacked Opens

Hey Stacked is officially opening later today (I'd come around 2pm) , those who want to try and iPad menu for ordering food will be welcomed by more menu items then I intially thought. I"ll give you a full run down after I sampled some of the food.

Del Amo Fashion Center
3525 W Carson St

Torrance, CA 90503

I'm still intrigued by how fast the service will be and how fast the software will be. Their press statemnet has the following info "the use of proprietary software integrated throughout the restaurant from operations and the kitchen to iPads at each table.  Guests will be able to design their meal and order from their tableside iPads or can choose to order more traditionally via an attentive server.   They can also store their menu favorites and order in advance for faster service when they arrive.  "

Last Day of Uncle Jer's

Today is the last day of Uncle Jer's a cute shop on Sunset with hard find items, silly cards, and novelties. I'd only gone a few times, but it's one store you could just browse through the merchandise and get lost in thought or talking with friends.

"EVERYTHING in the store now 50 - 75% off! Come help pick our carcass clean! Don't feel bad - it's the Circle of Life! " declared on their facebook.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Prelude to Vampire-Con

I don't know , but if your into vampires your in luck this week. Right before Vampire-Con hists the New Bev you can check out more vampire movies at the cinefamily.

The Cinefamily has two nights filled with vampire fun, right before Vampire-Con.

6/2 @ 8:00pm

Check out the first french vampire movie ever made with a live dj set and after Rape of the Vampire: Re-Vamped , a fantasy mixed vampire movie filled with sex and biting, also french. Did I mention it's a Masquerade ball? Dress up like a goth vampire for two more knights and not be shunned by others.

Tickets - $12/free for members

"Erotique Fantastique Masquerade Ball featuringRape of the Vampire: Re-Vamped & Re-Mixed
(feat. live score by Demdike Stare + Anworth Kirk!)
Co-presented by Finders Keepers Records / B-Music
It’s a gothic erotic masquerade, featuring a live set by Geneva Jacuzzi, dark disco dance party DJ sets by the Killing Spree crew, and a live score to a special re-vamped version of Jean Rollin’s Rape of the Vampire, the very first French vampire film! One of the most underrated and misunderstood directors to emerge from the rising smoke of the 1968 Parisian social explosion, Rollin is best known for his films in the “fantastique” genre (the French tradition of blending horror and fantasy) -- and Rape of the Vampire, with its hypnagogic non-linear narrative, coupled with copious amounts of sex and violence, is a mesmerizing masterpiece of surrealist horror itching for re-interpretation! Tonight, UK haunt-ologists Demdike Stare + Anworth Kirk conduct a darkly hypnotic, beat-driven, industrial-concrete and ghost-ambient backbeat to this moody black-and-white classic -- so don your velvet cape and harlequin headgear, and step out in style! Seriously, it’s a Masquerade Ball -- so come in costume!"


Shiver of the Vampires and Requiem of the Vampire will be playing with another live dj set to party all night with.

Shiver of the Vampires - 8:00pmOur tribute to the late, great Jean Rollin (November 3, 1938 - December 15, 2010) continues with a double shot of his early ‘70s dark fantasies! First up is Shiver of the Vampires, the sensual work that fully established the visual motifs and overall stylistic approach to which Rollin would return to for most of his subsequent horror efforts. This bewitching serving of psychedelic stew concerns newlyweds who visit an old castle owned by the bride's dead-’n-fanged cousins. As the plot progresses (or devolves!), gorgeous vampires, bloodsucking hippies and lashings of lesbian sex all swirl in bizarre, candy-colored lighting (predating Dario Argento's Suspiria by several years), culminating in one of its creator's most visually intoxicating works. Freakish? Beautifully macabre? Instant cult classic? Yes, yes, and YES!!!! Finders Keepers celebrates the launch of its new “Rollinade” soundtrack series, which documents some of the finest musical moments of Rollin’s career as an avant-gardener, counterculture vulture and Gallic vamp-tramp, by presenting Acanthus’ entire unreleased prog-rock score to Shiver of the Vampires on CD and vinyl for the first time. Imagine an early Gong/Ame Son/Soft Machine session fuelled by a thousand-year-old acid-bathed blood transfusion!Dir. Jean Rollin, 1970, 35mm, 95 min.

Requiem For A Vampire - 10:00pmRollin’s jones for long, luscious poetic moments seething with gothic malaise and decay reached its zenith in Requiem For A Vampire, a decadent experience in which the craggy edges of stones in castle walls, the delicate sheen of fabric and cloaks sliding over bare skin, and the warm glow of sunlight over a country field have never looked so beguiling. Devoid of any spoken dialogue for most of its running time, Requiem bursts out of the gate as two schoolgirl-aged robbers decked out in clown costumes flee their broken-down car on a country road, and wind up at a desolate castle presided over by a cult of vampires. The film then goes even further than Shiver to remove the tethers of standard narrative, as the girls undergo a serious of sensual, hallucinatory encounters that eventually disintegrate into a horrific nocturnal montage of the girls succumbing completely to the will of the bloodsuckers. Steadily paced and obviously personal, this "naive" film (to use Rollin's term) resembles an elegant jazz session played out at the edge of a twilight dreamworld.
Dir. Jean Rollin, 1973, digital presentation, 95 min."

Writing about French Vampire movies reminded me of a great horror comedy.

Vampire Party

Available on Amazon now for only $9.99

Vampire Party might make you bite your tongue with cheeky spoofs and jokes, In the vain of Naked Gun it's one joke after another. The special effects look great and the characters silly.

Three French party animals, two girls and a guy, sneak into the most prestigious secret party on earth, too bad it's not what it seems. I wish it was playing too.

H-57 Not Just Ketchup

I must of first seen the IBDM missile shaped flash drive on Superpunch or FFFFound!, they both must have found it via the most excellent design blog the dieline. Featured on Notcot and throughout the web I wanted to learn more about the bomber clad usb drive.

I got into e-mails with Ms. Sabrina Di Gregorio of the group H-57, no it’s not about ketchup. H-57 is a group of Italian artists who have come together for art, advertising and illustration. Their motto is "Think Dangerous".  H-57 started with a clothing line in 2004 featured in GQ and various other magazines. This and their creativity led them to work on various projects including working with rock bands and creating the Nedian font for Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes, which I find funny since I just wrote about the Tim Burton Exhibit, everything comes full circle.

Back to the bomb, which happens to be spreading their style around the world. In their statement about their work, “If we had the power, we’d invade the world with graphic design, typography, fonts, and all the things we like. As for now, unfortunately, we just have the power to give our friends,clients and fans a little gift to start our pacific invasion.” So the devised a little usb missle based on 1950’s scifi movies. The first 200 were sent out to friends and clients to show off their style.

 They have constant new projects in the works, which you can browse either on their Facebook or at First Floor Under. Just check out some more of their projects below.

If your wondering about the name, no it isn’t from H-57 ketchup, I kind of wonder if anyone has told them that. It’s from hangar 57 a legendary Russian base like our own Area 51 here in the USA. Hangar 57 apparently has the most deadliest weapons of Russia arsenal and located on lake with no bridge to it. They used Hangar 57 or H-57 for the label of the first clothing line and it stuck with them.

Right now they hope to expand and one day open offices around the world, they just might, working with big name companies world-wide. Though LA wasn’t mentioned as a wished regional office, I hope they change their mind, it be great to see them become part of LA. I can only look forward to what else they come up with, I know it"ll look cool. Oh, yeah here's Heinz marketing contact info it be a nice fit and maybe H-57 could redo the label and branding of their ketchup.

Tim Burton Exhibit Part 3

 I'd like to put Tim Burton statement on the show right here,

"Growing up in Burbank, there wasn't much of a museum culture. I never visited one until I was a teenager (unless you count the Hollywood Wax Museum). I occupied my time going to see monster movies, watching televison, dwaing, and playing in the local cemetery, Later, when I did start frequenting museums, I was struck by howsimiliar the vibe was to the cemetery. Not in a moirbid way, but both have a quiet, introspective, yet electrifying atmosphere. Excitement, mystery, discovery, life, and death all in one place. So all these years later, to have this exhibition, to be showing things- some of which weren't meant ever to be seen, or are just pieces of the larger picture-is very special to me."

-Tim Burton

 What you"ll be greeted with when you go to buy tickets.
 I never noticed how Batman's hood looked so much like a devil's horns. The Batman hoods, what fan wouldn't want one in their home.

 Edward Scissorhands makes you wonder what Tim Burton would really wear if no one cared.

Parts 1 and 2