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Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Future of Gaming Starts Jun 10

Iam8bit sets itself up for gamers and developers to come on in during E3 with The Future of Gaming. This exhibit will have "Industry Luminaries and Renowned Artists Conceptualize The Future of Videogames." I'm just glad they didn't use the term "thought leaders".

Opening Reception
Tuesday, June 10
7 to 11pm 
Open throughout E3
End June 22
2147 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90026
Iam8bit's artists have each taken a quote from one of the Industry Luminaries- not thought leaders- about what they think the future of gaming will be and done a piece. The work present so far is quite eye-catching. One can only dream gaming gets as fun as what's been previewed.

 Nicole Gustaffson piece for the show based on Kim Swift's quote: "The future of gaming is going to always be with us on mobile devices that are a part of our daily lives, and will infect and project onto the world around us. We're on the advent of some truly impressive mobile devices-- input systems that detect the acoustic variances on where you tap your palm, tiny microprojectors on glasses, cameras that detect where you're looking, virtual and augmented reality, not to mention increased processing speeds. Imagine games that can project onto any surface, anywhere to create an instant display and use voice, eye direction and touch controls for inputs. Then picture the game taking into account the environment it’s being projected on to determine things like level layouts, and those projections interacting with other people’s game projections. I imagine that games will be everywhere around us.”

I'm not in love with Timothy Reynolds' art based on Tim Schafer's quote "In the future, we will play games while floating naked in a tank of warm, sensory-depriving gelatin. Games will be distributed chemically, into the gelatin, and absorbed into the player's skin. The gelatin will be Lingonberry-flavored, and the games will encourage good citizenship."

Why couldn't Jude Buffum get that one?

Here's Kevin Stanton art based on Seamus Blackley's quote: "The future of games is ubiquity. Every device and interface will need to entertain or be ignored. From supermarket checkout to your tax filing, we are training people already to ignore the boring. So. Games on everything all the time. As tech pervades, games follow. Do we control everything with smartphones? Then the games go everywhere from the phones. Do we have network computers in every object in the home? Then the games will follow. Just as games flowed into televisions and then computers and then mobile, they will be central to it all."

Naomi White piece above is based on Seth Killian's quote of: "Games are magical because they are both a vital rebuke to existing realities and an increasingly crucial perspective to understand them. Complex and dynamic systems dominate our existence, from the food we eat, to our jobs, to geopolitical conflict. Games are a brilliant path to becoming a native speaker in the language of these systems, where you function within them but are also invited to stand outside of them, consider their nature, and better predict their effects. Beyond understanding the world, they also serve as an important way to learn about yourself. To understand another, to inhabit the choices they face, and to experience the world from a perspective other than your own."

Quotes not seen so far:
  • Founder of Atari Nolan Bushnell’s theorized that, “micro-mesh networks will provide a new way of gaming”.
  • Creator of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune: “Games won’t be limited to the digital aspect, they will blend with our lifestyles to the point that you won’t think of them as games. Washing your face and brushing your teeth could be a part of a bigger, grander game world.”

Featuring Theories from:
* David Smith
* Keiji Inafune
* Kim Swift
* Jesse Schell
* Kellee Santiago
* Lorne Lanning
* Meggan Scavio
* Nolan Bushnell
* Seamus Blackley
* Seth Killian
* Ted Price
* Tim Schafer
* Warren Spector

...and Art by:
* Boneface
* Eden Soto
* Henrik Johansson
* Jude Buffum
* Kelice Penney
* Ken Garduno
* Kevin Stanton
* Mitch Ansara
* Naomi White
* Nicole Gustafsson
* Theresa Huarte
* Timothy J. Reynolds
* Travis Chen

via and iam8bit

Making Fun of the LA Times: Not Naming Names

Mayor Garcetti unveils new city data website at tech event 

The article doesn't name the website or the event ...two things you think would be named.

The names are or technically it doesn't have a name really and the event is Hack for LA

Friday, May 30, 2014

TTDILA COMICS #30 - Watch Dogs

by ARG

click comic to expand.

"What went wrong with watch dogs?"
 is what everyone is asking themselves.
Little do they know about the sequel in the works
Watch Cats!
Enjoy the comic.

There's A Museum of Velvet Paintings? Velveteria

Someone from Vice visited it.

OK, what's this?
Carl: This is our unicorn birthing center, featuring the unicorn comb-over and various versions of unicorns and their frolicking ways.


Thursday- Sunday
11:00am – 6:00pm
711 New High St, Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Finally Comes To The US This August

August 5, 6, 7, & 9  Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods will be in theaters in the US. No LA based theater has been named yet, Funimation wants you to sign up to here for the theaters being announced. Let's hope for a huge showing at a big venue. I wonder how big Funimation is going to promote this at AX.

ChocoChicken Hold On It's Chocolate Covered Chicken?

ChocoChicken was set to open May 29, but details on Twitter say it hasn't yet. Just to make sure we take back the title of fattest country in the world-suck it Mexico-the fried chicken served at Choco Chicken has cocoa powder rubbed in it and comes with chocolate sauces. No, this is real. This comes from the same people who gave us Unami burger.

Someone wanting to open a diabetes clinic nearby may make some serious cash.

ChocoChicken Downtown, 403 W. 12 St., Los Angeles
11 a.m. to 11 p.m., until 2 a.m. on weekends and until 8 p.m. on Sundays.

Check their Twitter for an official opening date

A second location is already set to open in the future at
ChocoChicken Santa Monica, 104 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The PlayStation E3 Press Conference In Theater For LA Is Already Sold Out Buddy

Sorry, but the free screening of the The PlayStation E3 Press Conference for LA is already sold out. The tickets are all gone, all gone! Sony might have some tickets to giveaway so follow their site.

The sold out screening is taking place at
AMC Century City 15 with IMAX
10250 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, US 90067
Jun 09, 2014 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

TTDILA is attending the actual event, so look for us in the audience will be the ones in a top hat, perhaps. Might wear a tuxedo and go, "M-m-my word, are you crazy Sony!"

Mario Kart 8 Mercedes-Benz DLC

In Japan Mario Kart 8 gets Mercedes-Benz DLC. The commercial above promotes the real world vehicle, the 2015 GLA, why can't more commercials be like this?

Cinegear Expo 2014 Registration Ends Soon

Free Registration ends this weekend, sign up for Cinegear Expo before it's too late. Cinegear Expo 2014 has everything for the behind the scenes work on films, the latest in film tech and some of the most knowledgeable people in the field.

Making Fun of the LA Times, so easy: Hollywood is looking to cash in on summer blockbusters

Hollywood is looking to cash in on summer blockbusters

Stop the presses, stop the Twitter updates! The LA Times is running the same story I've read about Hollywood summer movies since high school.

In one of the most meaningless puff pieces of news, if you can call it news, the times finally stopped reporting details from the horrible murders at USCB, instead of one comprehensive story, and posted: "Hollywood's studios have some good news as the summer movie season kicks into high gear: Business is up." Man, isn't that like every Summer ever.

"Hollywood is getting better at spacing out its offerings. Just like airlines try to no longer fly half-empty planes, studios are trying to reduce congestion on the release schedule to help clear the runway for their best prospects."

I'll give the writer some applause for tying the air-line industry to Hollywood as both are known for how terrible they treat their public.

Anime De Summer Fest July 5

Little Tokyo might have finally figured out Anime Expo happens July 4th weekend.

Anime De Summer Fest will be happening one day only in Little Tokyo. Fans of anime and manga can spend the day and night enjoying Little Tokyo in a festive celebration.
Anime De Summer Fest
Saturday, July 5
at 10:00am - 10:00pm
Little Tokyo 

The night and day of July 5th in Little Tokyo will have booths and food trucks, an anime screening, Display of Anime Character Standees for photos and a "How Anime is made" Exhibit. There's to be an art shows as well.
For cosplayers, the Cosplay Bon-Odori taking place in the evening is a big festival dance which can be easily picked up and apparently is only for their costumed kind to groove to. The festival wants a big showing of cosplayers as does TTDILA.  Show off your Bon-Odori dance moves as Sailor Moon!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What The Hell Is Going On In Takashi Murakami's Jellyfish Music Video?

No really, why is Pharrell and Hatsune Miku in it? What is that creepy breathing in the background? I can understand why people can hate anime. This is one of the reasons.
Pharrell has never looked prettier though-good for Pharrell. So shiny and handsome.

If you want to see the film that "inspired" the remix it's playing Friday.

Takashi Murakami - Jellyfish Eyes Screening
Friday, May 30, 8pm
Theatre at Ace Hotel
929 Broadway
Los Angeles, CA, 90015 

Weekly What To Do: we sure have a lot of these burgers

The Venice Spring Fling
Saturday, May 31, 2014, from 11 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Windward Plaza

An outdoor music and arts festival, we sure have a lot of these

Long Beach Comic Expo
May 31-June 1
Long Beach Convention Center

If you don't have to deal with the cops, under different pending investigations, Long Beach is a great place to chill over the weekend. Now you can nerd out with all the fan fun over two days this Summer.

The Oinkster Burger Week
June 2-8
Oinkster locations

Get special burgers from Oinkster based on other burgers from well-known burger-makers. Did you know today May 28th is Burger Day? TTDILA migh not like Oinkster on a regular basis, but Burger Week means specialty burgers...for a week. Consume them all and you might get a free t-shirt.. at least you did last year.

Saturday, May 31
3:00pm - 5:00pm
Metro Line
Metro Ride Ticket Cost
Enjoy a day as you always wanted to-wearing a skirt.

Summer at the Ford
Starts Saturday, May 31 
Ford Theatre
2580 Cahuenga Blvd. East, Hollywood, CA 90068

The Ford Theater has a whole new season to be excited about.

152 North Central Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012


"Big Family Day is MOCA's largest Sunday Studio event of the year—a multi-modal, all-ages party starting summer off with a bang!"


Independent Filmmakers Showcase IFS Film Festival 
May 27th - June 10th
Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles, CA

Another film festival in LA to showcase independent work, we sure have a lot of these.

Dances With Film Festival 17
May 29th - June 8th
Chinese Theaters and more

Another film festival in LA to showcase independent work, we sure have a lot of these.

Death Bed - The Bed That Eats (filmmaker George Barry in person!)
Thu, May 29, 2014 10:15 PM
The Cinefamily
611 N Fairfax Avenue

A movie so bad the director, who'll be there in person, forgot he made it. The director has claimed forgetting even making it, maybe he fell, hit his head and now remember what happened. 


CollegeHumor Live LA
Tue June 3, 9pm
5919 Franklin Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Saturday, May 31st at 5pm
World 8
1057 S. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, California 90006
"Entry fee will be $5 and entrants will be able to play our consoles till close even after the tournament is over."


This weekend there's to be hidden cash around LA, you just have to find it.

Top Picks For The 2014 Los Angeles Film Festival

TTDILA's Top Picks For The 2014 Los Angeles Film Festival begins now. AT TTDILA we give you the top notch choices of what to see at this year's festival. If you think you know better then by all means check out the festival guide on your own.

For those wanting to be lifted up and over those who know nothing of cinema. For those who want to see something to watch with friends and laugh. For those wanting to see something just beyond, stay on this list.

Forget opening nigh gala Snowpeircer, it's based on a French comic from the 70's given to a South Korean director known for horror and star Chris Evans. The films is also an opening nigh gala, you know what else was, Green Lantern.

On to a wider field of films to delight you over the time E3 is in LA and you can just be somewhat close to it in a theater nearby.

In Japanese with English subtitles
Mon, Jun 16th 9:40pm
Regal Cinemas 10
Wed, Jun 18th 9:40pm
Regal Cinemas 12

Hard to believe the LA Film Festival gets this film from Japan parodying Power Rangers and their version of valley girls. Five young women must battle evil while trying to lead stylish sexy lives. It's a real pain to battle evil when you have a date. From Yuichi Fukuda, which TTDILA has praised before and begs a dubbing or decent sub of his work Kid Police.

Their robot has boobs.

Sexy Japanese girls protecting the earth in Tokusatsu style.

Let's Play
Wed, Jun 18th 9:20pm
Regal Cinemas 14

TTDILA's mixed on this one. It's game-play videos with some creators of the games in person. I don't know if I'd define gaming with film, but hey they're having a live read of Gravity Falls for some reason. All the titles are indie games;weird stuff and some good laughs for sure.

The Well
Thu, Jun 12th 9:15pm
Regal Cinemas 9
Tue, Jun 17th 9:20pm
Regal Cinemas 12

Well, darn, it's a post-apocalyptic tomorrow and a gang wants to take the watering hole from our 17-year-old gal Kendal. On top of those troubles I notice the film needs some foley work as gunshots sound fake. Give it a chance, a trial run, see if the director might mess up.

Inner Demons
Fri, Jun 13th 10:00pm
Regal Cinemas 9


When a reality show intervention for an A-student goes wrong for her and her religious family they're will be Hell to pay, literally. She's on herion to fight her inner Hell, a real demon. Rehab is not always the the best solution, exorcisms are!

Sat, Jun 14th 7:00pm
Regal Cinemas 8
Tue, Jun 17th 1:50pm
Regal Cinemas 12

Frank, it's all about him. Now if we could just see his face. We can't though as he's always wearing a fake head. This weird new music masterpiece features a band heading to South by Southwest to play thanks to their lead-man and songwriter Frank. They'll be creating an album together in strange ways over a few months before getting their big gig, until then let the insanity keep coming.

Mon, Jun 16th 7:30pm
Leo S. Bing Theatre at LACMA

Community is dead. Dan Harmon is yet to be, but you might easily see him mentioned in the obituaries with how crazy he can get. Harmontown is now the name of a documentary and not just his podcast. His podcast and the people in it, not just himself, go on a tour of the country. Which is odd, because I though it just happened in LA.

Gravity Falls Live!
Sat, Jun 14th 11:00am
Regal Cinemas 10

The cast of Gravity Falls will have a live read. Little kids sure as Hell want care, but older people who like the cartoon will. Dipper and Mabel played by Jason Ritter and Kristen Schaal with creator/executive producer Alex Hirsch aka Grunkel Stan will perform then answer questions with a Q and A. It was suggested that the cast just have a cupcake eating contest instead, I agree with that idea. Send that request in to the [email protected]

Funny Talk: A Conversation with Key and Peele
Sun, Jun 15th 8:00pm
Regal Cinemas 11

 Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele will tell us what's funny and will eat it up. From Mad TV that dies do long ago these comedy duo has blown up big in the last few years. Clips from some of the favorite movies will be shown and mocked.

22 Jump Street
Tue, Jun 10th 7:30pm
Regal Cinemas 1

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are back from the directors who gave us The Lego Movies. Now they're in college and need to kick more butt and get into more awkward situations as narc cops.

Fan Favs and Cult Classics

All these have supposed special guests, but no one confirmed.

Fri, Jun 13th 9:45pm
Regal Cinemas 8

Stay on your porch, chill with Ice-T and Chris Tucker.

Repo Man
Sun, Jun 15th 9:15pm
Regal Cinemas 10

30th Anniversary Screening

A cult classic set in LA alien interests and alien ideas in a story about repo men that goes too far for some.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Mon, Jun 16th 7:30pm
Regal Cinemas 9

The jokes from this film are ingrained in our society. I mean the parody of this work is ingrained in our society.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Comedy Ninja Film Festival This Weekend

A brand new sneaky film festival has entered the LA arena, the Comedy Ninja Film Festival. The comedy festival will be a mix of international comedy films and live stand up from local comedians. Festival Co-Director Chuck Parello is quoted as:

"We started this festival to celebrate hard-working comedy filmmakers and screenwriters and the gut-busting work they create. Our program was chosen from hundreds of hilarious submissions that poured in from all corners of the globe and we're sure that people who attend the COMEDY NINJA Film Festival are in for a real treat."

Comedy Ninja Film Festival
May 30-June 1st
held across the plaza from the actual Japanese American National Museum building (100 N. Central, LA, 90012)

Outtake-O-Rama, Warp Zone Comedy and Sleeping Beauty

Outtake-O-Rama- A Celebration of Infamous Celebrity Outtakes
May 27, 2014 at 7:00 PM
7522 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90046

A Celebration of Infamous Celebrity Outtakes Featuring the Stars of FUTURAMA - Billy West, Maurice LaMarche and John Dimaggio!

Warp Zone Comedy 
 May 27, 2014 at 9:00 PM
The Virgil
4519 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90029
Video game based stand-up comedy.
Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 at 5:00 P.M.
The Ray Stark Family Theatre, SCA 108, George Lucas Building, USC School of Cinematic Arts, 900 W. 34th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007

Come as your favorite Disney Villain -- CONTEST:
5 Winners will receive advance screening tickets to an 8:00 P.M. showing of MALEFICENT at AMC's Century City 15 for that evening after the Sleeping Beauty screening is over.

X-Men: Days of Future Past is really Hey Warner Bros We Already Did A Really Fast Guy Before You

Xavier fire farts
X-Men: Days of Future Past has one great scene with the mutant speedster Quicksilver, who's hair looks terrible in the film. The only reason Quicksilver makes it in isn't to screw with Disney's Avengers so much as it's to tell Warner Bros and DC they screwed up and have no Flash movie yet. A Flash TV show is coming to the CW next Fall, but it wasn't fast enough. The rest of the film makes you question how can a movie with giant killer robots be boring, it can be.

Wasted millions on boring fight scenes they were perfected in comics decades ago leads to some of the saddest fights ever. The film does shows you could make a decent Portal movies based on the game series with Glados with how the mutant Blink uses her powers to redirect attack after attack.

The Big Parade LA 2014

Time to walk! On May 31st-June 1st walk 35 miles or as much as you can of LA until you reach the Griffith Observatory, where I would propose moderately priced champagne would be.

The Big Parade LA
35 Miles of LA

GAME OVER – Art Inspired by Games June 7-18

Giant Robot is having a game art show and game night all in one June 7, just a few days before E3. I guess they're getting the early crowd who are making E3 more than just a business vacation, but also a vacation vacation.

The games to play opening night are Kyoto Wild by Teddy Diefenbach, a 4 player weapons battle. With it is Scratch Race by Messhof, a one button velodrome racing game. There's something called The Pack by Ben Vancee with art by Rob Sato. 

The artist for the upcoming show include:

Game Over
June 7 – June 18th, 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 7, 6:30-10 PM


2062 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90025

Aaron Brown, Alex Chiu, Andrew Hem, Bert Gatchalian, Brian Luong, Caitlin Anne, Cam Floyd, Candie Bolton, Cassia Lupo, Chris Mostyn, Cory Schmitz, Dan Goodsell, Danni Shinya, Edward Robin Coronel, Elliot Brown, Enky Skulls, Eric Nyquist, Gary Musgrave, Hawk krall, James Kochalka, Jen Tong, Jeni Yang, Jeremiah Ketner, Jerome Lu, Jesse Tise, Joey Chou, Jon Lau, kaNO kid, Ken Taya, Kenneth Wong, Kerry Horvath, Kevin Luong, Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Koshin Finley, Kwanchai Moriya, Leah Chun, Lena Sayadian, Lucky Nakazawa, Luke Chueh, Mari Inukai, Mari Naomi, Mariel Cartwright, Mark Nagata, Martin Hsu, Mike Kuo, Minion Me, Miso, Nick Arciaga, Nidhi Chanani, Omo Cat, Peter Kato, Ray Young Chu, Rina Ayuyang, Roland Tamayo, Ronald J. Llanos, Ryan Crippen, Ryan Jacob Smith, Sana Park, Sara Saedi, Scott Bakal, Sean Norvet, Shawn Cheng, Shiho Nakaza, Shihori Nakayama, Stasia Burrington, Theo Ellsworth, Tyson Hesse, Wayne Johnson + even more.

DK's Donuts is not SK Donuts but they have Waffle Donuts

Looking to try the new Waffle Donut called WOWnuts? If yes, the scrumptious looking platter of pastries waffles can be found at

DK’s Donuts & Bakery 
1614 Santa Monica Blvd 
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Phone (310) 829-2512

They also have cronuts and odd flavors like Ube Purple Yam. The Oreo Cookies'N' Cream Bar looks mouthwatering-ly good. Don't count out the Strawberry Shortcake. In any hunger pains one must try this place out.

SK Donuts & Croissant
5850 W 3rd St 
Los Angeles, CA 90036 
Phone  (323) 935-2409 

The SK crew serves cronuts too alongside their own assortment of delightful donuts. Have a nosh when you're on 3rd St. 

I miss the Donut Summits of yesteryear. 

Ninja-Con or LA Cosplay Con June 7

In a few weeks way too much will be happening in LA with E3 and the LA Film Festival going on. Anime Expo isn't until July. On top of that the home brewed Ninja-Con and LA Cosplay Con will be at ends being on the same day, June 7.

Ninja-Con's second year is filled with voice actors, gaming and many strange panels. Nothing is giving TTDILA a "oh, this has to be seen" feeling. The festival, still in it's infancy is best for fans coming together. Better to think of it as one large group meet-up all day in Little Tokyo.

An artist Hall, swap meet and game room await you for entry. An after hours slate of programming for the older crowd.

Saturday, June 7
Little Tokyo
JACCC, Miyako Hotel
$20, $25 at the door

LA Cosplay Con where did you come from? A full day of cosplaying just for cosplay sake? That's cool. So if you want to take pictures and pictures and pictures or pose for them you have a location.

Other than a contest held around 6pm theirs to be booths, a gaming area and a few panel throughout the day.

LA Cosplay Con
Saturday, June 7
Hyatt Century City Play
Attendee $20, Cosplayer $15, College Student $10

Both these events should just become one. I mean Little Tokyo covered with cosplayers? Why two locations, people need to network better. Do we have an Antz and A Bug's Life situation? Anyway, their folly is your gain. You have two events taking over LA before E3 and Anime Expo to cosplay at and meetup with fellow fans of the fine arts of gaming and anime watching.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Qleek Looks Cool

Qleek, little hexagonal pieces of wood that store songs and other media. Giving songs a physical media again seems like a nice stylish idea. It's like collecting Pogs almost.

E3 Party and Event Guide 2014

Check back at this guide regularly as it will be updated with more events as more info and news comes out on all the amazing events surrounding E3 in LA.

Play Nintendo Tour

June 6-8

Westfield Culver City

6000 Sepulveda Blvd.

Culver City, CA  90230-6482

"Guests will enjoy whimsical-themed gaming zones filled with iconic items like banana-shaped seats in the Donkey Kong area, a giant Poké Ball in the Pokémon section and Yoshi egg chairs in Yoshi’s island. Attendees will also have the chance to meet costumed characters Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong and Kirby."

GAME OVER – Art Inspired by Games
June 7 – June 18th, 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 7, 6:30-10 PM

2062 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90025
Giant Robot is having a game art show and game night all in one June 7, just a few days before E3. I guess they're getting the early crowd who are making E3 more than just a business vacation, but also a vacation vacation.

"Experience, KYOTO WILD by Teddy Diefenbach is a 4 player weapons battle, SCRATCH RACE by Messhof is a one button velodrome racing game, and experience Ben Vancee’s THE PACK with Art by Rob Sato Works."

Microsoft Store Pre-E3 Event 
Sunday, June 8 from 1-3pm, line opens at 11am
Century City Microsoft Store

"Have you always wanted to attend the Xbox E3 Media Briefing? This is your chance! One hundred people who attend this event at the Century City Microsoft Store will be granted access (via raffle) to Monday’s Xbox E3 Media Briefing event and Xbox: E3 Briefing Post Show. While you’re at the Microsoft Store, go hands on with ID@Xbox titles as a sneak peek of what’s on the E3 show floor – before E3 even gets underway. W"
Xbox E3 Media Briefing ticket raffle details (read carefully!):
The line for the Xbox E3 Media Briefing ticket raffle opens at 11am in the courtyard on the side of LensCrafters near the Microsoft store at Century City mall (there will be signs directing you from the Microsoft Store). Camping is not allowed (or necessary!). Every person who enters the line beginning at 11am will receive one raffle ticket for a chance to win an Xbox E3 Media Briefing pass.
100 winners will be selected via raffle for a pass to the E3 Media Briefing:
  • We will have a raffle drawings every 15 minutes after the line opens at 11am until 12:45pm.
  • First raffle: 11:15am
  • Last raffle: 12:45pm
IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be 18 to attend the press briefing. No exceptions – ID will be checked!

Astro Gaming Pre-E3 Party
The Line Hotel Lobby, 3515 Wilshire BLVD, Los Angeles

Uplay Lounge
June 9-12
The Standard Hotel
Must Register to be chosen, 1,000+ uPlay members will make it in

"More than a thousand members will be able to, for example, enjoy a hands-on experience of Ubisoft’s E3 line-up and other titles or talk to Ubisoft’s development teams about their favorite games.  The Uplay lounge will be located at The Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. For those not able to be in Los Angeles, a version of the lounge experience will be available via, an immersive website that will feature exclusive content, live streaming on Twitch -- including online chats with Ubisoft’s development teams -- and more"

Monday, June 9 at 7:00pm
The Well 1006 S. Olive Street, Los Angeles, California 90015
DJ sets by Daedelus × Chrome Canyon × Arcane Kids •
Performance by Doseone
Visuals by Sam Newell • Johnny Woods • Daniel Rehn
Playable Videogames from Devolver Digital!
An Unwinnable Event / Food by Starry Kitchen / Proceeds benefit LA Game Space

Retro Game Gauntlet
Jun 9 at 8:00pm to Jun 10 at 12:00pm
Pehrspace 325 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

"FIVE RANDOM GAMES: We will choose five random games ranging from NES to PSX era consoles. Anything goes so be prepared.

ONE ROUND EACH: You will get one shot at each game to rack up a high score, fast lap time, quick knockout, or anything the game might require.

RANK UP: Each score will be recorded and ranked against the other competitors. High placements earn more points in the Gauntlet.

WINNERS DON'T USE DRUGS: We'll have some prizes available for the top placers, duh!"

"In honor of E3, join your favorite comedians and fellow gamer brethren in a conversation about consoles, save files and Joust... oh sweet, JOUST!


Iam8bit sets itself up for gamers and developers to come on in during E3 with The Future of Gaming. This exhibit will have "Industry Luminaries and Renowned Artists Conceptualize The Future of Videogames." I'm just glad they didn't use the term "thought leaders".

Opening Reception
Tuesday, June 10
7 to 11pm 
Open throughout E3
2147 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90026
Visually one wonders how it will look inside and how exactly will the theories of such well known gaming authorities be shown. Old favorites of iam8bit's art pool are back like Nicole Gustafsson and Jude Buffum.

Big Indie Pitch at E3 with ZQGame, GREE & Samsung US 
Tuesday, June 10, 2014 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Bottle Rock 1050 S. Flower St Los AngelesCA , US 90015
Free, RSVP

"Taking place in the trendy Bottle Rock venue in the heart of the city, the pitch is the perfect chance to get your game into the hands of leading journalists from across the world. Handing you 3 minutes with each journalist, attendees will get to sell the strength of their game as well as receiving invaluable feedback on how to take their idea further."

★ Pocket Gamer Mobile Mixer at E3 ★ LA ★ ZQGame & Everyplay ★ 
Tuesday, June 10, 2014 8:00 PM
Bottle Rock 1050 S. Flower St Los AngelesCA , US 90015
Free, RSVP

Super Smash Bros. Invitational
Tuesday, June 10
9:30am bracelets, 2:30pm entry 4pm event begins
Nokia Theatre
First 3,000 free entry

The newest Super Smash Bros game will take over the Nokia Theatre here in LA. 16 "skilled" players will fight it out, TTDILA assumes they'll be some form of celebrities battling out as these 16 fighters have yet to be announced. This place holds 7,100, so other seats go to E3 peeps only possibly.

E3 2014 reddit meetup!
Tuesday, June 10, 
4:00 PM
Hotel Figueroa Veranda Bar
939 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015

"Gotta continue the tradition- this will be our 5th annual official reddit E3 meetup!" 

Digital LA - E3 Digital Drinks @ Continental Club
Wednesday, June 11
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
FREE to attend when you flash your E3 pass, just register so you're on our list.
Or if u don't have an E3 pass: Register with $10.

"Join us for our Digital Drinks during E3 at the new Continental Club in downtown LA. Catch up with friends u didn't get a chance to find / meet on the show floor. Trade notes with fellow attendees and friends on your fave E3 news, parties, etc. Cash bar.  Drink specials available for our group when you like the Continental Club facebook page."

Tuesday, June 10 6:00pm

707 E. 4th Place, Los Angeles, California 90013
8BitLA, SoftEgg, & EightyTwo Present
FREE E3 PARTY (no badge required)
Featuring live chiptune music from...
Chibi-Tech (
Legendary chiptune / videogame composer from Japan performing in Los Angeles for her first time ever!!!
Space Boyfriend (
Timon Marmex (
Trash80 (
Space Town Savior (
and DJ SysOp!!! (

Drinks, a fantastic collection of top notch classic arcade and pinball games, and a night of truly incredible chiptune music at the fabulous brand new EightyTwo bar / arcade in Downtown Los Angeles. This is NOT an event to be missed!! 

The Mix LA 5
Tuesday, June 10,  7:00pm - 11:00pm
Ten Ten Wilshire 1010 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90017
Must Register, Free 
IndieCade comes early this year, have a chance to look at indie titles with their creators.

Sunset Overdrive Event hosted by Major Nelson
Wednesday, June 11 from 6 – 9pm
Century City Microsoft store

"Insomniac Games is taking the Sunset Overdrive E3 show floor experience outside of the LA Convention Center for one night only! Join us at the Century City Microsoft store to be among the first gamers to go hands on with this upcoming Xbox One exclusive. Attendees will also have the chance to meet the Insomniacs that make Sunset Overdrive and Xbox Live’s Major Nelson. Ice cold Overcharge Delirium XT awaits! (Yes, seriously)"

PG's E3 Party with Gamevil & Chukong Technologies
Wednesday, June 11, 2014 from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Belasco Theater - The Ballroom
1050 S. Hill Street Los Angeles , CA 90015
Free, RSVP 

Hawaiian-themed party to network at.

Video Games Live:

Bonus Round
Wed, Jun 11, 2014 - 8:00PM 
Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE
$25.95 - $75.95

Video Games Live has a special concert for LA residents just in time for E3, songs confirmed for the show will be coming from Cave Story and Journey. 

 Omnia Presents #LevelUpE3 After Party
 Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at 8:00 PM
 Suede Bar & Lounge
404 S Figueroa St Los Angeles, CA 90071

"Join us after E3 for an exclusive red carpet event at Suede Bar & Lounge! There will be free drinks and food from 8PM-10PM, but the party will rage on until 2AM!"

Wednesday, June 11 from 4 p.m.–9 p.m.
Saturday, June 14 from Noon–5 p.m.
Best Buy
10799 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
Phone: 310-204-2147

"The four-player demo of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U lets players battle it out against one another using their favorite characters from fan-favorite video game franchises like Pokémon, Super Mario Bros., Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog and The Legend of Zelda.
In addition to the action-filled demo, the first 70 attendees who pre-order Super Smash Bros. for Wii U or Nintendo 3DS at each event will receive a rare collectible Super Smash Bros. gold coin (one per customer, while supplies last). As a bonus offer, people will get a $5 My Best Buy Rewards Zone certificate when they both pre-order and pick up their game upon release"

VRLA E3 Mixer
Wednesday, June 11, 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles
929 S BroadwayLos Angeles, CA 90015

"You’re invited to the first annual Virtual Reality Los Angeles E3 Mixer! Join us for a night of VR fun in downtown LA, just a few blocks from E3. Mix and mingle with fellow VR enthusiasts and discover VR games you won’t find on the show floor."

Deep Silver Top Secret Party
Wednesday, June 11, 6-10pm
The Conga Room, 800 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles 90015

Thursday, June 12
4:00pm - 8:00pm
Los Angeles Convention Center

Streepass LA wants your miis. You want their miis. Come together near E3 and literally connect with other gamers.

Thursday, June 12 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Broadway Bar
830 Broadway, Los Angeles, California 90014
"This month we celebrate E3 with our annual DrinkUp in Downtown LA. If you’ll be attending E3 this year, we encourage you to join us for a special evening of free drinks from Twitch [first 50 in the door], raffles and a special DJ set with chiptune and nerdcore hip-hop artist, MegaRan!"

 EPIC E3 EVENT! The Legend of Heroes XIII Launch Party! sold out 
Twitch Bootie Mashup Party @ E3: Featuring DJ's A+D!sold out
SideQuesting Has It's Own List Too