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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Booth Blow-Out Baby!

Here's a blow-out of all the other booths at Comic-Con that didn't happen to be the Ice King's head that captured the attention of the ravenous crowds of the con.

Walking Dead anyone?
 Three damn booths for the Walking Dead weren't enough. the first one had zombies walking in the yard, if you headed isnide you'd visit the Governor's secret zombie room.
 You could get free posters and zombified (make up) at the Walking Dead game booth. The ladies behind the zombifications were not Hollywood professional make-up artist. You got some B-Horror movie looking zombies shuffling about.

 Lego was a play area for kids, you could see some wonderful Lego art or make some of your own.

 The Legendary Booth had some sights including the armor from Pacific Rim

 From RoboCop?
 Predator 3D sounds fun, but what sounda better is getting the special edition which comes with a statue of the Predator holding out your own ripped head. Yup, your own head can forever be ripped out on your desk.

 Who'se scarf is this?
 The Kingpin sure is huge if he's bigger than Apocalypse Upper Deck
 Satellite Sam's crotch just happened to be where a door knob was for the booth?

 Which armor do you like more? Silver Samurai form Wolverine 2 or Shogun Warriors?

 J-List your dirty smut is eveywhere
 The Mondo booth was always busy

Star Wars booth is just huge!