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Monday, July 8, 2013

Anime Expo 2013: Viz Media Industry Panel

The Viz Media Panel shine a light to upcoming manga and anime releases. 

 Two nice new acquisitions for America with Blood Lad and Gargantia that already had hug fan buzz behind them. Blood Lad has a otaku nerd vampire fall in love with human girl who accidentaly wanders into underworld. She dies and he vows to resurrect her. She remains a ghost until he can bring her back. It's filled with references to other animes and manga as the main character is a huge nerd
 Gargantia has the concept of what do you do when the war against aliens that were destroying Earth is over and you've been sleeping for hundreds of years in your giant war mech. You of course meet a cute girl and defend the dystopian future as best as you can.

For DBZ fans, Viz locked in to get the brand new series from Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama which will start appearing in Weekly Shonen Jump. Details are few as he hasn't come out yet. The other reveal was a Dragon Ball Full color release for the manga. Now you can relive all you favorite little Goku moments in full color as it gets released over the next few months.

 A shout-out for the best new series from Shonen Jump One-Punch Man revealed some great swag based on the series due at Comic-Con. They was also the mention of high hopes for the new series in Shonen Jump World Trigger.

 Nuro:Rise of the Yokai Clan has all the Japanese monsters from old folklore teaming up and fighting other clans. The protagonist reminds me a lot of Ichigo from Bleach as he has to deal with so much garbage from the other monsters.
 On Bleach we have the newest release on it's way in this ongoing epic.
 From the voices of the Viz panel Beserk is an anime to enjoy if you have a blood lust, love despair and might want to relax with a few beers.

 Viz's manga line had plenty of reveals, such as a Bakuman and One peice box set. The Bakuman Box set comes with some special unreleased goddies never seen in America. Magi, the Arabian nights manga has been picked up. Voice Over, is the story of a young girl trying to becoming a voice-over actress who has the voice of a male gorilla. She falls in love with the son of her voice actor idol. Gansta will be a new heavy violence book on par with Black Lagoon. You have re-releases of classic including Ranma 1/2, Ranma will be printed the other old-school titles go digital.