Monday, July 8, 2013

Anime Expo 2013: Funimation Industry Panel

 Funimation a company so fun it put fun in its name had a breakdown of what it been up to and what to look forward to with sadly almost no mention of EVA 3.0 or the the next DBZ film. Funimation did reveal some of it's new acquisitions and upcoming release schedule. The lively panel had the Funiamtion crew handing out prizes for people who were paying moderate attention. Plenty of jokes failed, but that didn't break people from yelling out, "It's over 9,000!" to the latest news from Fun.
The always colorful and hectic AX booth.


 The biggest grab for attention other than a clip from The Funimation Show shoing the beach episode trope was the DragonBall Z Rock The Dragon Edtion coming out in August. This edition is from the Ocean Group Dub better known as the television dub or Toonami dub fans group up with. Hearing the original promos and narrator should take you back on a nostalgia trip. Frankly, such a better dub than the new ones.
                             Fun brought up the current redesign of It's been to slow and the redesign should allow for faster video content. The renovation should take place over the Summer, so a better looking site should be up soon. If your a forum member of don't frown. The forums aren't dead, they just had to be stored and saved for the redesign.
Here's the simulcast announcements. Attack on Titans is on there, no word on a exact release date for DVD's and Blu-ray release, it's still way too early for that show.

                           High School DxD is going to be the next harem anime that Fun will be releasing in August. This time a young male high school student gets killed and is resurrected as a demon for a Paranormal club. From the trailer, it will be funny, dirty and action-packed. I'll get it for a full review.

 This in a new one for Fun, their importing a limited number (2,500) of the Ghost in the Shell: Arise Part One Blu-rays from Japan. This will not be dubbed just subtitled. This is fast, a little too fast. Fun will be doing more Arise, but is should just wait to release a dubbed series. It comes with a cell of film like the very old releases, which is way to gimmick for today.

 Black Lagoon's Roberta's Blood Trail will bring back Revy and the rest of you favorite mercenaries when the Terminator-esque Roberta the maid goes on a revenge filled high action killing spree. There will be blood, isn't even a good enough to describe the carnage in this.
"Haganai I don't have many friends" the harem anime about some very anti-social high schoolers gets it's but out on Blu-ray and DVD this August. High school hijinks for a group of very anti-social people.

Hyperdimension Neptunia will start broadcasting on A series based on the video game where pretty girls video are based off of video game consoles and fight mosnters. Oh, Japan, never stop coming up with this crazy stuff.

Fairy Tail and One Piece new releases are coming out as you can see below. Guilty Crown won't be much longer, a beautiful new series about a corrupt government set in dystopian future.

 Hal, boy falls in love with girl. Girl falls in love with boy. Boy dies. Robot look-a-like replaces boy. Robot Boy and girl fall in love. Than you have a redesigned Cyborg 009, with words flipped around so now it's 009 RE: Cyborg. Evil organization changes people into cyborgs and these cyborgs try and stop them with cyborg super powers.