Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Blue Exorcist: The Movie Review Hey It's Another Non-Continuity Film

A special screening of Blue Exorcist: The Movie filled up at convention hall to at Anime Expo 2013. The film will have a future limited released in major American cities in North America including LA in August.

How was it? Ever see Bleach The Movie - Memories Of Nobody? Japan anime movies seem to love not having any continuity with the series.  The characters are there, but it's almost like the vaction episode of a sitcom.

In greater detail Blue Exorcist is about two young men who are exorcists in training and work for a major exorcist organization. Their adopted father, who was a father of the cloth was murdered by Satan who is their real Dad. The main protagonist Rin Okumura can transform with a magic sword into a demon with special powers. His brother, the straight as an arrow, Yukio Okumura tries to keep him under control. So, it's a typical hierarchy anime with a likable protagonist with a lot on his plate.

 The film revolves around a tiny, but lovable demon that eats away people's memories so they have the time to play with him. He looks like a little boy with bunny ears most of the film. Rin takes him on as a little brother and the little demon starts to wreak havoc by eating people's memories like protecting the city from danger.

There was no problem with the excellent level of animation or the slow build up of a brother relationship between Rin and the cute bunny demon boy. It was however the same film I've seen over and over again from Japan where you know the new character is just in it for the movie and will never be seen again. These films are more about an anime director showing off what they can do than a story that means something to fans, the original creator and overall story. It's best to call it "beautiful looking filler". In the end the sad premise of no one even remembering what happened makes it too much like Bleach The Movie - Memories Of Nobody. If you're a fan you're already going to want to see it.
 Producer Takamitsu Inoue and Character Designer Keigo Sasaki were in attendance for a Q and A as well as Aniplex staff with cute yellow raincoat outfits.