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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Anime Expo 2013: What Should I Be Doing Guide Part 6

 Anime Expo 2013 is one day away! Here's more to do with all that's going on. Check back what to do in the previous installments of this guide for fun things to do at Anime Expo. I'll be covering AX as usual this year so look forward to crazy interviews, cosplay photos and the latest news on anime.

Remember the Exhibit Hall doesn't open until noon the first day, so you'll be stuck in panel or outside until it opens.

Anime Bowling Night

Obviously, you should be hitting up Anime Bowling Night July 4 5-8pm with XLanes open until 1am.

3rd Floor Little Tokyo Galleria
333 S. Alameda St., #300 Los Angeles, CA 90013
Tel: 213.229.8910

Giveaways. I just got in more prizes so giveaways will be happening, maybe with trivia or messages to yell, keep checking here
Contests for Best Cosplay Outfit , Best Power Up and Highest Bowling Score will have sponsored prizes by FUNimation, NIS America, Section 23 Films and B Art Jet. Multiple raffles for XLanes Gift Certificates.

-Anime music and videos will be in featured Anime Bowling Night lanes.

-A backdrop for cosplay fans to have their pictures taken will be open to save memories of the night.

-We suggest waiting for a group of 5 on 5 foe bowling matches to make them more exciting. Why go head to head with one person in cosplay when you could be enjoying it as a group?

Prices for a game $5.50 per game
Shoe Rental $3.00
Billiards $12 per hour


Those coming in cosplay will get one free bowling game. Those showing a 2013 AX badge will get a free shoe rental. One deal per customer, one free game or free shoe rental not both.

Programming Guide Does Not Exist Online?

The schedule may be up, but a guide explaining what events are isn't. Not everyone knows what a panel entails by just reading its name. AX really screwed up this year by not putting the programming guide online. You should be able to figure out the events when you get the program book there, but to not have it available online is a disgrace.

No exhibit hall map either?

Capcom Booth
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS) and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies (on Nintendo 3DS) available for attendees to play.

Autograph Schedule

Get over to the people you want to sign your stuff.

Cosplay Gatherings

Wow, it looks like AX made them official this year. You would have to search on the forums of different sites to see where to meet up in the years before. Now you can meet up with fellow members of a certain anime or game for some epic photos.

Where did the Adventure Time gathering go? It was just up there.

Rurouni Kenshin Live Action
Thursday 1:30pm Video 1

Great adaption from the anime series, there's plenty of action with light hearted drama with some extravagant fights. it did so well in Japan two sequels are in the works.

NIS America Exclusive Premiere
Saturday 12:30am Video 1

No idea, it seems to be a secret

Karoake Gong Show
Saturday 9:00pm Karaoke 1

Getting a gong for being so bad at Karoake seems so goo to me.

I'll post more updated on anything last minute as they come in. Have fun at AX