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Monday, July 8, 2013

Anime Expo 2013: Mega 64 Panel For Real Americans

The mainstay of Anime Expo, the Mega 64 Panel would not bee denied even with one main group member gone and the boys needing to be in Texas the next day. Shawn might not have been there,  which the remaining 64 member said was a good thing, but there was a sadness in him not being there. The sadness was not very much as the panel went into it's crazy and wacky clip run down of things people have not seen before from Mega 64 unless the look in the nether regions of the net including a unused video for MineCon making  the games creator look like a filthy rich lunatic who throws money on the ground. A video making fun of the Xbox One prior to it's complete 180 on it's insane rules was shown. The group was saddened as the bombshell news dropped as there were uploading the video onto the Internet, They missed there window by minutes or hours to make fun of Microsoft with a fake news report on E3 where Xbox One requirements caused it to mess up and stop working.

Before, the painfully odd Q and A that happens every year, Mega 64 showed a video over the 10 years they've been doing Mega 64, where they come from and what they do to now. It inspires people to make videos about video games and have fun doing it.

The Q and A had it's own delights a highlight being a Yaoi Nazi not being able to get in a question after so many jokes were thrown at him about his outfit.

Keep coming to AX Mega 64! You are always insane to watch.