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Monday, July 8, 2013

Anime Expo 2013: Kick-Heart Premiere

The Kick-Heart Premiere at AX was a great showcase for over the top animation from Japan. Production I.G. showed off a wonderful crafted short on wrestling and perverted man who is so into hurting himself he gets off on the pain. Romeo is secretly a wrestler, but helps the local orphanage he grew up at all he can. He needs to make money to save the orphanage from falling apart so he takes on a match he's been dying to have with a new popular lady wrestler who happens to be a nun who cares for the same orphaned kids. The visuals of excruciating pain leading into pleasure allow for a some new and old-school cartoon visuals. Dirty and risque jokes are thrown all over the place as is Romeo. Not hard to believe this director worked on Shin Chan.

Not every anime needs to be a based on a manga or have a huge story, it's just nice to see a fun short stand-alone story that will make you laugh upon seeing it. I heard the sighs of girl at The Blue Exorcist premiere, but I heard real laughter from the crowd at the Kick-Heart Premiere.

Maasaki Yuki the director came for a Q and A after the film was shown and a making of video was shown.