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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Anime Expo 2013: Booths We Remember

 Sentai Film Works clearly wanted to steal the show with their tank and cosplayer for Girls Und Panzer, a new series coming from them about girls learning about war, think Strike Witches, but more pants wearing.

 Funimation as always keeping a colorful booth. Now with a bordered off area for the Funiamation Show featuring Goku and Piccolo statues. They were handing out free posters throughout the con.

 Capcom had a 3DS charging area this year with a playable demo for the newest Ace Attorney and quick way to level up if you already had Monster Hunter for the 3DS.

 Whimsic Alley a local merchant showing off the wizard what-what!
 Media Blasters is still kicking even though it was announced dead a few times. The newest pick to get from them Zombie Ass Toilet from Noboru Iguichi

 The La Blue Girl booth wasn't that far with Toshio Maeda, her creator in it. Thinks of some of the earliest hentai and you have it's creator at AX.

 Section 23 Films booth. There behind Sentai Filmworks.
 Sentai Filmworks had plenty of special events including Jesscia Nigri showing up at their booth to take pictures with fans and a sticker collecting scavenger hunt that ended with a winning a free t-shirt.

 Bandai Namco had special deals on titles and was showing off some off it's games. They were also give away free Goku hair.

NIS America showing off it's newest titles in both games and anime. It was handing out free Prinny inflatable beach balls every day of the con.

Creepy or cute?
 Anime Jungle, the local anime store shows off it's wares with it's usual huge booth at AX.

 Bandai exists at AX only as Gundam and and games, n idea why there isn't an US anime distributor anymore, it's kind of ridiculous. The Gundam booth or "Bandai figure booth had it usual selection of multiple hard to import gundam figures.
 Crunchy Roll remains party king of AX with constant streaming of the AX floor

 Vertical was almost all sold out on Day 4 same goes for Dark Horse that made it's way back to Ax this year.

 Dirty old J-List