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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Movie Hype: Is Plug Unplugged?

Is the ultra cool, video game like Plug at a Game Over screen?

At least from Kickstarter, I've been busy of late and didn't even know they started a Kickstarter, I would have posted on it if I was sent a e-mail.

If you didn't see the trailer I posted yesterday, here it is. I really don't know how it didn't get funded. A movie about robots on motorbikes?

Sadly, it seems they didn't raise the amount they wanted in time, maybe they"ll head to the AFI Film Market in November.

However David Levy creator and director, did write on Kickstarter

"Given the fact we jumped into kickstarter without a lot of experience, we have decided to come back at a time when we will be better prepared. I just wanted to thank all the 33 backer that helped us through this campaign, and despite the fact we could not gather the necessary money, I promise PLUG will come to life.
Please keep posted on our website and vimeo page for updates!
Thanks again,
David, director on PLUG."

I"ll be posting my interview with David Levy and Alex Cunningham on the project soon.

I really want this to come out!