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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Game Hype: Ultimate Edition Means More Fan Art

I'm not just going to post fan art, but I'm truly excited about Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 coming out this November at $40. What's new? How about new characters for the game! Phoenix Wright, Vergil, Nemesis, Strider, Firebrand and Frank West from Capcom, and Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, Hawkeye, Nova, Iron Fist and Rocket Raccoon from Marvel. Yes, I wrote Phoenix Wright. No one know how his move list looks yet, but Capcom-Unity has been revealing new characters moves. I"ll have more on how silly Phoenix Wright's moves will be when more is released.

Frank West was a great choice, I'm guessing he"ll play a bit like Jill Valentine from the older games and be able to summon zombies. Dr. Strange is no slouch or Ghost Rider hits you with his motorcycle with his ultimate attack. I can't wait to play it this November and collect more fan art of it.