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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Super IAM8BIT: 8-bit Retrospective

There facebook info lists
Production Company (for commercials, features, shorts)
Marketing Boutique (for viral and non-traditional campaigns)
Indie Publisher (for books, comics, speciality projects)
Events Producer (for parties, community gatherings, meetups)
Apparel Collective (for awesome t-shirts, clothing)
Tchotchke Wizards (for unique promos, custom giveaways)
Creative Consulting (for all sorts of projects)

Their client list is quite impressive

Here's TTDILA's coverage of what they've done over the years. Another great resource is their videos up on Vimeo. I attended the  event the had below, it might look familiar in the future.

The back history and interview with creator Jon Gibson is right here. Here's he's wiki entry. Didn't know about all the shows
His love of Hamburgers hasn't subsided
Who are the others in his group? Judd Buffum 8bit caricatures of the crew including Jon make me wonder what Amanda White, Taylor Harrington and Nick Adherns do. I'll be asking them at the show, if they aren't to busy, which they will be.
Here's just a bit of swag from the multiple events they've been behind and some of the things they've made

With something that began as a video game art show it's gone a long way. With a hiatus for over 2 years fans are foaming at the extragavant celebration that will happen tomorrow. Whatever is planned it should be a sight to behold. Don't get lost! Enjoy every minute of it.