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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nisei Week 2011: Engrish and Yum

I just love walking around Little Tokyo and finding Engrish and typos and there' s quite a bit even for Nisei Week, maybe they should purchase a dictionary at the local market.

There's also fun new drinks and snack to try at the multiple Japanese markets nearby. I recommend Calpico in any of the many flavors that it comes in. How about multiple variations on the Kit -Kat. Cheese Kit-Kats are um, well, you try-em

I wonder what happened with Paulette Macaroons as now in a not using paint attempt the owners have become.... I guess Little Tokyo Macaroons? It's very strange to break off from a franchise in such a stupid way to half-ass on the signs. It's not like they suddenly broke off it's been a month or two since they put those white piece of paper up. You have to make a new sign or you look ridiculous.

This goes for another sign of Little Tokyo I found that need to be redone. It should just be taken away if not repaired it's so ugly. This one is near the Japanese Community Center