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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Super IAM8BIT: World 2 Arcade Zone

Andrew Kolb brought the fun outside for some cool night air with his mix and match of game characters interactive art. Super IAM8BIT had gaming and games in mind for it patrons of the fine arts Dubbed swapped cards by Andrew, the art piece was at first feared by fans reluctant to mess up his pieces, but soon Sonic's head, with Mario's body was one of many variations created that night.

You could also take a picture with the largest functioning Atari Controller and maybe play some games with it when it worked.

Inside in remembrance of Galaga's 30th Anniversary was nothing less than the largest screen I've seen Galaga been played on. Anyone could go up and play a game, the winner with greatest high score would be receiving the arcade cabinet with the work of Dave Crosland on it as their prize. You see the arcade cabinet and your game were projected in front of everyone, no pressure. I was told by the installer of the piece he'd want the floor to be the controller next time. It take two people to properly control the game. One on movement the other jumping on fire button.

Did I mention merely from playing you'd receive a free special edition Galaga t-shirt?
Well, you did. They went fast with everyone trying to win the arcade cabinet.

 Galaga also inspired some pieces in the show.

. However, artist Tony Mora won in a close race with the mysterious player ACE.
the pic above of Tony Mora artist and winner of the arcade cabinet he's playing is from LA Weekly

Tony Mora can now enjoy the wonderfully rendered arcade cabinet by Dave Crosland who was busy that night painting live art. Mario, Mega Man and more were created before a live crowd wondering what character be showing up next. He was joined by Jose Garibaldi in making epic mural pieces all night, wonder where they"ll show up.

                                               Dave Crosland with his piece below

You could connect with others using a hacked kinect to see a fun display of yourself and others around you. I don't know if the games on it ever worked, maybe there should have been a instruction manual.

Some pieces were very reminiscent of the arcade cabinet we hold so dear.

Shirts reflected the art as new 8-Bit shirts launched the day of the show and were up for purchase.

People will have to take a second look if you get the Space Invaders shirt the Nick Ahrens is sporting.

 The shirts will be ready to purchase from the online shop and retail store any day now, the special knit hat for the events might not.
 From Link's cap to looking like a resident of the Mushroom Kingdom these hats were going fast.

World 2 End