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Monday, August 15, 2011

Super IAM8BIT World 1- Sky World

Instead of random 8 bit-music and video of people in line. Let's not forget footage of other people taking pictures and looking at things. Or random people in pictures you don't know, this being the worst, a lady talking about the event with no pictures.

Here's what happened at the sensational Super IAM8BIT Opening.

The line outside was biding there time on 3DSes and cool gamer shirts. There hunger grew for video game satisfaction. Near a gay couple who were overly gay in public to show off how gay they were, in such a way that even a gay friend said they were trying too hard when it's LA and no one cares lay 8-Bit  garbage.

An old shield and a suitcase from different video game lands with garbage of different upgrades and potions inside thrown away, lay on the grass near a couple that would have been cooler if it were hot lesbians, but they weren't.

What awaited these fans inside? For the first lucky bastards bags of loot, sweet swag, free to those who took the time to wait in line in early.

Different goodies from IAM8BIT productions past, posters from the Game Developer's Conference, a zombie outbreak, stickers and more!

As chip tune music and digital beats echoed from the back, almost like a call for the fans, they entered with grins and smiles as they new they were at the brand new IAM8BIT gallery/store that was holding the video game art event Super IAM8BIT. An art show two years and more in the making that hasn't been scene since 2008. IAM8BIT is permanent with more art shows planned down the line and a store front to buy video game goodies on Sunset in Echo Park.

BTW you can still check out the show yourself

SUPER iam8bit
Aug 11 - Sept 10, 2011

2147 W. Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Gallery Hours:
Thursdays, 1-8PM
Fridays 1-9PM
Saturdays 12-9PM
Sundays 12-6PM

Fans were also greeted immediately by Sky Burchard's astonishing Legend of Zelda pieces. Like the item select screen had been taken out of the game, pieces of the original Legend of Zelda stood before fans who looked and whispered to each other, "Cool".

Sword, arrow, key and bomb all were on display for fans. All around the art show they stood out, unable to be touched as though they mocked patrons that they were there, but still unattainable.

Did you think Legend of Zelda would only be represented? Maybe for just the 25th Anniversary going on now? You'd be wrong!

 "Sadness Isn't Needed When It Can Be Deleted" is just such an ode to Mario backgrounds. It's more than that, it can make you sad just by looking at. Only Mario could have backgrounds that are alive and have emotions. The tears are so pixely.
 Here's the artist Sky Burchard with founder/curator of Super IAM8BIT Jon Gibson at the show.

 Sonic anyone? How about Super Mario World? Remember when you'd blow up the castles after you defeated a Koopa kid?

 Sky does with excellent real world recreations of the plungers/detonators from the game.

Is that an Octorock? Why, yes it is! Miss Kelice Penney used her sewing skills to create four hoods for wild Roombas that bumped into guests all night at the show. Octorock, Red Shell, Green Shell and a Goomba went after guests while cleaning the floor.

The Red Shell and Goomba were naught robots as they'd always go after cute ladies, scaring them and um while it looked like humping there legs. Video of that later.

 On the subject of Red Shells this koopa won't be getting back up. This Red Shelled Koopa has gone through taxidermy. The wings really stand out and it's great to see what something might look like if based in reality. This is a real turtle that has gone through taxidermy, but has been changed to look like one from the games.
 These Bubble Bobble pieces also come from Kelice Penney who did the great Kirby's Epic Yarn room for Nintendo offices in Redmond with IAM8BIT.

End of World 1