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Monday, August 22, 2011

Adventure Time Panel at Paley Center

LSP scaring a baby

cast and crew of Adventure Time

The Adventure Time Panel at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills Sunday, August 14th was that of hilarity and much merriment as some of the cast and crew came out to discuss the show. The greatest highlight might have been seeing the gender bending Cake and Fiona episode early.

First lets go through who showed up

Jeremy Shada, voice of Finn, Olivia Olson the voice of Marceline and the always funny Tom Kenny, voice of the Ice King.

For crew from left to right we have director Nick Cash, Storyboard artist and writer Adam Muto who finally came out of seclusion. Pen Ward- creator and show runner(surprisingly not weary flannel) and Kent Osborne another writer.

I've yet to meet John DiMaggio, voice of Jake or the elusive Natasha Allegri(writer/artist) at any of the events. Fans want to meet you guys.

 The panel shortly began after the cast and crew's arrival. Bunny thing hats filled the seats. TV critic Robert Lloyd introduced himself and told of how the Adventure Time Panel was the fasting selling ticket for the Paley Family Series. He also said, "Now for the best show of the event," and then went,  "I guess I shouldn't have said that." But, the audience and I knew it was true. The panel started off  with kids making fart noises in the audience.

After screening two episodes that definitely had formatting problems, but none the less were great to see, the questions began. Before going into those, let me tell you the Fiona and Cake episode was great. What they got away with in a kids show for this episode sets a standard of how powerful Adventure Time has become. The voice of Bubby from Flapjack,  Roz Ryan as Cake was a nice touch.

Robert Loyd began asking questions. He asked everything I wanted to know, but for a family and kid event I think a different host with more emotion would have been more appropriate. Tom Kenny would have been a fine choice to lead the panel.

Robert asked about what they can get away with on the show. We learned that over time the network has given them more power at AT, but they do have to explain themselves. In the recent LSP episode "The Monster" they wanted to draw guts and blood on the dead animals that wolves were eating and that was not allowed.

Pen Ward, creator of the show asked what was the worst letter he got. He said, "It involves a champagne glass and poop." We all laughed.

Pen then went through a bit about his childhood and funny enough his Mom came out to see him and help answer some questions. This had caused a slight problem earlier in the panel for Tom Kenny as she sat in the front row that was suppose to be saved for the cast and crew before they got up and could enjoy the screening with us. As the auditorium grew dim the cast and crew sat down each taking up a seat until, because of the added person Tom Kenny was seatless. He went something like, "They ran out of seats?" and "This always happens to me!" all in fun overacting.

Pen asked his Mom at what age he got into cartooning. She said "five" from the first row. She then told Pen and the audience it was her birthday and she wanted Pen to sing Happy Birthday to her as Lump Space Princes who he voices.

Pen then told us he fears of doing anything bad in his  childhood-house would be the punishment of not getting to watch The Simpsons. After getting into details of his childhood, the audience grabbed different tidbits about the show. The Monster episode and LSP talking to wolves all came from the series The Jersey Shore and how inane their banter is.

Tom Kenny explained that he always comes out as Ice King as a sad dude whose lonely. Not evil, but a sad lonely person who wants to gain what Finn and Jake have. Pen also revealed there was a beach party for all the fans who came out to San Diego Comic-Con and couldn't get into the panel there. The Cartoon Net rep there said "Will get a bigger auditorium next year."

The Q and A,  hit every point a fan of the show would want. Pen explained that the world is post-apocalyptic and later episodes might reveal what exactly happened, but nothing too fast. Finn was raised by Jake's Mom and Dad if you've missed a few episodes it was assumed.

Jake's brother will be back this season, don't know how big a role. Also coming back is Worm King, there was enough fan love they brought him back. Susan Strong will be back this season, too. If you didn't know she was inspired by a free MMORPG game Pen played online and it only had strong female warriors you could play as. "Blade Mistress" might have been the title.

Niel Patrick Harris is the voice of Prince Gumball; getting back to the Cake and Fiona episode. It was boarded by Adam Muto and Rebbecca Sugar. Adam Muto commented how that Legend of Zelda inspired the monsters Fiona fought in the episode. The critic and host Robert asked some great questions about if it might be getting a spin off. Pen seemed hesitant, but he basically said it depended on how fans reacted. So if there's enough fan support, there might be a spin-off starring Cake the cat and Fiona the human. Pen told of how at comic-con they already had cosplayers for the episode with an impressive Prince Gumball. The episode will air on Labor Day. I know I want a spin off Cartoon Network.

When asked about an Adventure Time movie Pen said, "Yeah, I want to make one, " nothing seems to be in the works. Jeremy Shada voice of Finn exclaimed there's a Christmas Special that will be a longer format than usual.We'll also learn the origin of the Ice King. Pen also told that Cartoon Network has asked for longer format specials. So will have to wait and see. I hope they bring it to the big screen and not just straight to DVD or TV.

Olivia Olson was kind enough to sing the Fry Song when a little kid asked her from the audience.

Other news is Bobcat Goldthwait will be a cameo voice and Semour Phillips.

I think Tom Kenny summed up the show the best when he said, "Who doesn't want to see Conan the Barbarian in Candyland." The panel concluded with applause. Outside in the lobby the line had already started for the group signing. There were temporary tattoos and pictures with a green screen to put you with Cartoon Network characters. Free hot dogs, soda and chips were served as well before the panel even started.