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Monday, August 29, 2011

Adventure Time Bearded Man & Spider-Man

Pen Ward did some doodles of Spider-Man messing up and shooting food instead of web.

Here's another doodle Pen Ward actually put up on ebay for a buck via Superpunch,  which updated  it's Adventure Time toy list with prices 

but missed the Adventure Time 10-Inch Plush Assortment via PlasticandPlush

Wired had a short piece on "The Monster" episode

Movie Web has cast interviews from comic-con

 Some bearded man as Finn at some con has taken Adventure Time fans by storm, so much so that they did animated designs of him. Will they"ll ever be an Adventure Time fan expo episode? I'd love to see them animate an episode of just fans from the land of Ooo of Finn and Jake.

 Title card and storyboard cover for "Still" and "The Monster"

Adventure Time: My Two Favorite People is $10.99 for pre-order. 
Frederator says "We’re told the sales of this disk will determine if there’s a full-season set in the future, but isn’t that always the case?"

Which doesn't make sense to me and seems a bit unfair to fans, especially when it's known how well the show is doing. It's fairly obvious it would sell in a full season format. The cover might be familiar, it's the poster from the Adventure Time art show.

BTW you can now call Frederator and leave comments for Mathematical a recap of a 11 minute cartoon. Frederator now does weekly recaps.

They also had short voting sessions to select Candy people 2 inch figures from Jazzwares and more threadless shirts

 At the end of the Adventure Time Panel at the Paley Center, the costumes of LSP and Jake were left in a disturbing manner, I hope that didn't scar any kids, made me laugh. You can see the Finn outfit too.