Monday, August 8, 2011

Super IAM8BIT Update

You can see Nick Aherns one of the members of 8bit holding up the new sign which marks 8bits location.

From what I've been getting of Facebook and Twitter, and I wished they just blogged it.
8Bit's not only showing off their art their showing of some new threads. 4 T-shirts are coming out and wallets.

Not only that, but beware a metal wind-up Bob-omb statue that's the bomb!

-Judd Buffum's piece will have  200 characters on the book he wrote "I calculated over 100 hours of illustration, evolutionary biology research, and Latin translation. And several gallons of Redbull."

-Kotaku has a preview up, but if you've been following this site you've alread seen thos pieces and Joystiq had them and Rampaged Reality