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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bicyclists Drunk Jerks

The LA Times has two articles on a incident involving 6 drunk bicyclists part of a bike gang days after legislation passed for a peculiar bike anti-harassment law.

Here and here

Cyclist showed their support for this law by getting drunk for their gang  ride together called Taco Tuesdays, yes Taco Tuesdays. It's these stupid names for events and bad behavior that makes bicycle licenses seem like a good idea. Obviously, cyclists care little for safety as they constantly break the rules, then blame motorists.

Recent cyclists death due to poor safety by them has made the city falter to do the bidding of them to look good, but maybe with footage below will show the cyclists for what the really are

hazardous to the safety of others and their own, drunk, disorderly and it seems like harassing to others.
Also, why aren't any given tickets for not wearing a helmet?

I'd like to point out that children have never been one of these recent "accidents". The reason most likely because they follow the rules of bike safety. Adults don't follow the rules, bike ride where they shouldn't and drink.

I think at age 18 you need to get a license for riding a bike.