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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Super IAM8BIT World 3 Mushroom Hyrule Zone

Like the three wise men, Mario, Link and Mega Man were represented in multiple pieces throughout the show. Super IAM8BIT knows the game heroes you grew up with Their distinctive lands and cultures a long the walls and in the corners of every space.. The Legend of Zelda may have beat out Mario in shear number of pieces it had at the show, but Mario's fans leveled up to the challenge with so many creative pieces.

The Bob-omb was the best Mario piece, it's eyes lit up and it's key really turned, it stood out being forged out of metal.

 I know Gabe Swarr's piece out of duct tape has almost everyone, but Mario still takes up most of the piece

Jim Mahfood show his version of Mario and Lugi

 So many choices

 This lovely Mario piece "Watch Your Step" is by Miss Hine Mizushima , thanks for commenting before Hine. Check out her other creations, they're rather bloody.

Jude Buffum shows of his evolution chart for the creatures of Hyrule.

World 3 End