Friday, August 19, 2011

Super IAM8BIT: World 4 - Hold Me Tight Land

Young gamers in love held each other tight as Super IAM8BIT wound down for the night, just like the key on the Bob-omb from an early post. However, there are plenty more pieces to cover from the opening as well as the shop itself which will be the new home of IAM8-BIT productions, be sure to check it out if your in Echo Park, then the Time Travel Mart.

Paul Robertson immediately brings it in his 10/10 series of prints with Custer's Revenge on top to show off a henati inspired nightmares based on a dirty Atari game from the 80's.

His other choices were a bit odd, but he must of grown up on the series Irem Vs Taito is so old school. I myself wish he did a Metal Slug piece.

If you couldn't guess it, Barnaby Ward based his piece on Metroid, everyone kept guessing Pac-Man.

 Scott C show off his love of the Legend of Zelda surronded by Pac-Man Ghosts

I saw want this King of Kong piece somewhere in my house.

 The below isn't an art piece just a bowl to buy pins.

It's for Sonic, must people didn't get it.

Game Over