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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bicyclists Need Bicycle Licenses

After another incident where another bicyclist died a new law was passed where you can be sued for harassing bicyclists, which in retrospect your  allowed to do to anyone for harassment.

It just makes it easier for stupid lawsuits.

I hate bicyclists who think it's safe to bicycles in a major metropolitan city. It isn't. Many don't follow the rules, drink and acts like jackasses, especially in those weird packs or bike gangs, that promote drinking and not reading.

Now I'd care if it was kids who were in these accidents, but it always an adult who bikes in bad area and probably didn't follow the rules and didn't follow bike safety

What I'm getting at is children bicyclist in LA know better and are safer than the adults.

I think adults need to have bicycle licenses before they can sue anyone.

Hey city of LA, wanna make money? Make people get bicycle licenses. Adults need them, Villagrossa needs one. Make them go to the DB, Departmen of Bikes, create new jobs, and make them wait in line.

Safety is a two way street and you have to look both ways.