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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Game Hype: Ninja Baseball Bat Man, You Want To Play!

Samll world, Angry Video Game Nerd just reviewed Ninja Baseball Bat Man, an excellent looking game from Japan, super rare, if you've played it you're lucky. After seeing the episode below it reminded me of  a Paul Robertson piece from the Super IAM8BIT show.
Taito vs Irem, it has so many characters

,but sure enough a Ninja Baseball Bat Man is in it

btw if you don't get  Paul'sCuster's Revenge piece it's another part of game history, that only early G4 might have explained. Custer's Revenge was a modified sex game, where as Custer from history you'd rape  up Indian women? The graphics were for the Atari, so the whole thing was ridiculous. You'd have to dodge arrows before you could get to the chicks. Why? No idea?

Lastly,his last piece in the show  Violent Storm, with a gameplay video below