Saturday, August 13, 2011

Movie Hype: Power Rangers Drive to Stop Big Man

The 35th Anniversay movie for the Power Ranger came out in Japn this June, since then it's been all over the net. I already asked if it could be shown at Power Morphicon in Pasadena this August. It features every Power Ranger ever!

Big Man Japan American?

In terrible news Columbia pictures got the rights to make an American version of Big Man Japan. One of my favorite foreign movies over the last couple of years. Done by Hitoshi Matsumoto .whose second film "Symbol" still doesn't have an English translation.

Big Man Japan can work as an American movie for a few reasons

-It's about the Japanese culture hero like Ultra-man, American audience won't connect in the same way because most didn't grow up with shows like Ultra-man.

-Big Man Japan was slow. American audiences don't usually like slow, they like stupid fast jokes coming at them.

-Hitoshi Matsumoto isn't in it or his friends. There basically Japan's version of Saturday Night Live. Our version can't make a succesful movie.

Big Man Japan is on Netflix straming right now, so don't waste your time Columbia who got the writers from Clash of the Titans.

 Drive in LA?

I was unfortunate not to see the Nicolas Refn's Drive film part of the LA FILM festival. From what I saw from his instant cult classic Bronson about a man whose be in jail most of his life in England, this is a director to watch.

The films set in LA and it's suppose to look amazing as a hard as nails thrillers with fast track action. Out in September. Hard as nails is a joke because bad people get hit in the head with a hammers.

Simply put Alamo Draft House Rules

They took a angry phone call and turned it into PSA not to use a cell phone. I want an LA branch.