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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Totally Gayer Version of My Enemies Who Hunt Ghosts

If you didn't notice TTDILA has an enemies section in the lower right corner of the site. I hate a group called the LA Ghost Patrol. Now there's gayer and remarkably similar team that hunts ghosts in LA called Paranormal EXP.

Yeah, you see the immediate similarity , however I think LA Ghost Patrol's female team mate is prettier than EXPs. LAist brought up how EXP will be on the Travel Channel as the Travel Channel has succumbed to being stupid and about ghosts? LAGP (that means ghost patrol) failed on their attempt to do a reality show.

It's just so surreal like a cheap knock-off of A Hana Barbara cartoon or something from the Venture Bros that they exist at all. Two ghost hunting teams in LA?

I'll call a Ghostbusters sect if I want Ghostbusters and yes there are different Ghostbuster groups per state. Teams who have full costumes. I respect them more than these people.