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Monday, August 15, 2011

Punchier Title Time

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise comes out tomorrow, so I thought to give it some Adventure Time homage

The threadless t-shirt design contest is over and it's not the shirt I voted for, you can get it here. I'm sad only one made it, I'd probably buy some of the others.

Adventure Time Is a Hit at San Diego Comic-Con from LA Weekly reports of how it all went down at comic-con, could have been a punchier title.

Super Punch posted on the Adventure Time toys.

Stretching figures! I wonder how the feel and if there like Stretch Armstrong.

Slamacow type is plush with sound chips.

Deluxe Finn features the ability to change emotion through his face. 4 different emotions, that's to funny as an attribute.

 The mini-figures also came out and I have no idea why. There not pose-able or really creative and it's not a chibi or a slightly different style from a famous artist like toki doki, I think will see these stuck on store shelves.

The stretching figures look like they"ll be fun to play with and I wonder how lightweight the sword is, probably some sort of nerf material. I guess they"ll be out later this month or next.

A picture-less brand of yet is
Adventure Time Grow Your Own Assortment:
Grow your own Jake and Finn right from home with the Adventure Time Grow Your Own Assortment. Just place in water and watch as Jake and Finn grow over 500%! 

like the grow a brain toy or like the dinosaur sponges you get at a museum gift shop or something new?

 Too Young might be my favorite episode ever with violence and the voice of Justin Roiland as Lemongrab. The whole episode I kept wondering who had the most perfect annoying voice and only found out later that Channel 101's Justin Roiland was the guest star. I've heard his work dozen of times on Channel 101 cartoons and my old favorite series House of Cosby's. A sitcom about a fan of Cosby's building a clone machine and making Cosby's to live with him.
 The ending lines referencing video games was so heartfelt and sad. How many warp zones will Finn need to go for his Princess.

 Here are some more jokes based on the episode floating around the net.
I loved the violence too, just kicking Lemongrab as ghosts and the elixer that was horribly hot.
 BTW, Pen Ward didn't turn in his Super IAM8BIT piece in on time, so he didn't show at the show. Here's some pics of him I found on the net. He did something similar to me in my photo with him with what he's doing to Matt Groening.
Here's a possible look at what his piece might have looked like, nah it's just another fan tribute to AT. I hope he turns in his piece later.