Tuesday, August 9, 2011

SUPER IAM8BIT: What Do The Artist Look Like?

Here's a selection of artists you might be interested in for SUPER IAM8BIT  Aug 11 here in LA, since you don't know what they look like here's some help. Unless the wear name tags.

Sky Burchard
 A friend and an artist. I was impressed by Sky's work after picking up a free art magazine during a LA Art Walk. His work, large pieces from video games , was so nice I decided he would by my first interview on the site. We became good friends after having similar interests. Sky always makes a great point to explain his art and what goes behind a piece. I'm more than delighted that he's now part of IAM8BIT and his pieces will put the others to shame.

Multiple shows around LA and graduating from both UCLA and USC. His sense of style is nothing but artistic and his monotone voice won't contain his joy if you say how much he enjoys his piece.

Pen Ward
 He will wear flannel, every time I've met him or seen a picture he has worn it. I'm more than excited that 8bit combines with Adventure Time. I'm still wondering what he did for the show. Pen Ward is the creator of Adventure Time and Graduate of Cal Arts. He pitched the show with a ukelele and from it we way to many laugh. I've only heard great words from fans at signings and panels, he'll answer your questions or maybe even draw you if you ask.

Be weary, he will photo bomb your picture and make it look like he'll eat you or worse if you take to long.

Gabe Swarr

Has been part of IAM8BIT since it's start. A good friend of Jon Gibson curator and owner of the show. His friendship isn't why he's in the show. His art and love of video games stands out. His track record includes working on multiple cartoons including Ren & Stimpy. His Super Mario pieces always stand out and get bought fast.

Judd Buffum
Pixel art king, I don't know his back history, but his presence in the video game art world is unmatched. Part of Pixel Pushers and Game Over his pixel inspired pieces can be dark and humorous or just unparalleled in video game beauty.

Paul Robertson

An Australian with game sprite talents that make me question why he hasn't done his own game with his own premise. Oh, wait he did do a game with his friend about someone who couldn't leave their house or was very afraid, too. Dirty and making fun of old games and pop culture his work take in more references than any other. Yet, he can create entire worlds on his own. I only wish he did more or started his own company. Other works are up in the air and he hasn't revealed a new movie for some time. Kings of Power 4 Billion% and Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight will always stand out as amazing animation, done by one man.

Scott C.

Other than being in almost everything I go to in LA, I don't know that much about Scott except from his Great Showdowns collection his watched a lot of movies, television and anime.

His work has appeared almost everywhere and isn't always that complicated, I wish Netflix would use him for indexing covers to movies.

Jim Mahfood

Indie comics anyone? Mahfood has a fun free flowing style. This helps for listening to dj's while painting naked ladies. Part of 8bit for years and LA's indie art scene for longer.

Barnaby Ward Talking about women who do it with Octopuses. Barnaby does a lot of pieces about woman quite a bit. I hope to learne more about him at the show.

Who I miss from the artist list Chogrin, Katie Rice,Andrew Wilson, and Kevin Tong