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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why are the Aids Walk Banners Up So Early?

I recently noticed AIDS Walk signs up on poles around LA as early as July. I found it odd they went up so early, as it's not the happing until October  and sort of a costant remider of people dying of AIDS. Not the happiest thought.

Shona from the AIDS Walk web site got back to me after I asked her a few questions about it.
  It just seems strange to put them out this early. I understand awareness, but it's a bit odd to promote it 3 months from when it's happening?
·         Re: the timing of placing our street banners:  Our research shows that most people need many reminders to sign up for an event like AIDS Walk Los Angeles – usually about seven prompts.  The street banners going up as early as possible serves as a very effective reminder here in the traffic capital of the United States!  Furthermore, even the people who have registered need reminders to start fundraising and we feel like the visual reminder helps with that motivation as well.   Most of our participants need time to reach out to sponsors and collect donations.  Again, our research shows that the more time they have, the more funds they will raise for vital HIV/AIDS care and prevention programs in Los Angeles. Quite simply, this goal drives every element of our marketing and promotional activities. 

I could be entirely wrong, but are you paying for the signs or is it a free service from the city?

·         Fortunately, the total cost of our street banner campaign is not affected by how long the banners are displayed – which allows us important extra time to raise awareness and funds for AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) and the other L.A. County AIDS service providers that participate in the event. The city makes the poles available at a nominal cost to us and they restrict street banner postings to events, which makes them unique and a source of community awareness.  They do not charge for the length of time that the banners are up.  The timing of the banners is a function of permitting only. Our only cost is the actual production of the banners.  We usually re-use the banner for at least three years and merely put a decal over the old date, so it is an extremely cost-effective means of advertising.
Also does your group make theses signs or does the city?
·         To answer your question about who makes the banners – we do not manufacture the banners, but we do, however, design them.  A fantastic company here in Los Angeles,  AAA Flag and Banner, produces them for us.
A friend also asked what was your choice in the different models you chose for the banner pole signs? I would add what marketing are your trying to go for?
·         Regarding our choice of different models: Our cast reflects the terrific diversity that we see among AIDS Walk Los Angeles participants. 
 Also do you have any connection to the HIV test ad banners around LA?
·         Lastly, we do not have any connection to the HIV test ad banners around LA.