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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cartoon Hype: Black Dynamite is Awesome!

The series will be hitting this spring.  I'm amazed Titmouse did it, because usually they're awful. I also thought the animation group from the Black Dynamite movie was going to create it's own studio. thought the people behind The Boondocks might be the animators, but there busy with the fourth season. That's right Boondocks Season 4 .
Back to Titmouse Inc.
Chris Prynoski creator of Titmouse has done some really awful stuff like being Executive  Producer of G.I . Resolute and Black Panther two of the worst cartoons to come out in recent years.

Black Panther suffered from an inconsistent schedule of production and being shown and almost no animation. G.I. Resolute has some of the ugliest character designs ever, but lucky the character designer died so he can't make anymore.

Titmouse Inc is usally known for cheap flash animation. However, Black Dynamite looks great.