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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Poor Ideas Club

Of more aptly named Los Angeles Urban Rangers have two events that seems so socially backward and not thought out that it might makes some yuppies and hispters throw down their fake glasses and say, "Let's just go see a movie".

This Thursday as part of the MOCA's engagement series, which last year was more show than fun, is planning a Skid Row visit , which I'm sure will end poorly and someone will get hurt. Plus, a  Campout at MOCA Grand , that sounds cool, except for the part about teaching people how nice it it to make homeless dwellings. There calling the homeless dwellings "alternative temporary shelters". What drew me to the story and which I'm sad to report  is the camping out at the MOCA Grand, which just sound cool. Who doesn't want to hang out at any museum at night?

To add these stupid events, because there camping is such a frivolous act. You can't have a discussion on cultures whose art is still made with nature or discuss artist who reflect on nature? Artsit who reflect on the difference they find between living in urban area and city dwellings?

Just make some smores and discuss something you get.