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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Super Review

Super $13.49

 Super is an awful movie. The only parts I enjoyed were a man being stabbed to death while on fire and the animation that presented the movies credits.

James Gunn the writer/director did a awful job crafting fake unbelievable charcters and dialogue. There was an event for the movie in LA a while back,  a Q&A at Laemelle's Sunset 5, I'm glad I missed it. The director who gaves us a movie about Snake people, I think Slither was the title maybe should have stayed in the horror movie genre.

You could say the movie is about someone becoming a real world hero, but a more accurate description would be a man descending into madness. Now that could still be a great movie if not for poor acting, (cept Kevin Bacon as a bad guy), poor writing, and unbelivable dialogue and characters.

It doesn't even fit the it's so bad it's good genre. It surprises me by taking so many concepts and ideas about heroism and madness and flushes them down the toilet. Problems from a coincendental meeting at a gas station to lifting someone and driving a car after being shot in the arms are just a few of the many flaws of this film.

Some parts are still like a horror movie like a scene inspired by Hentai tentacle porn and others distubing jokes on Christianity. The ending is like watching a poorly retooled version of Taxi Driver's ending.

-It reminds me a lot of the Woody Harrelson hero movie Defendor, but his character was retarded as an excuse as to why he could believe he could be a super hero.

-ComicSmash shows up for a cameo
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