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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Eat Meat and Choco-Pies! KBBQ Cook Off

Choc-Pies and meat hit Hobart Street. The tasty smell of cooking pork flesh and cow murder filled the air as a meat breeze wafted through Wilshire.

 Last Saturday August 6th was the 3rd Annual Korean BBQ Cook-Off. The highlight as all was the Choco-Pie eating contest below. Men from all over LA, I wonder why no woman enter, contended to eat as many Orion Choco-Pies possible in 5 minutes.

This competition is always a  fun way to start of the Korean Cook-Off. The buckets in the video were filled with slobber from the chewing of the chocolate deserts from their wrappers. The crowd was treated to Choco-Pies at the Candy Geek/Orion Booth and at event.

The contestants and the counters before the filling of their faces. One winner got an iPad 2.

Let's talk meat. Meat was plentiful and delicious at this year's cook off. LA Kalbi had a nice taste. Multiple booths had long lines just to have a bite. I think Park's was the longest and even brought out some red velvet rope to maintain their line.

I sampled BCD Tofu House and tried their pork belly, they were so nice they were giving out free samples.

The Cook Off lasted till six with a Top Mater Grill competition to find the best griller of meat.

 The only problem I'd say about the event was I couldn't find the parking mentioned on the site. I didn't see any signs for it and had to park at an overpriced lot. I want better sign next year.

Grab some meat next time in 2012!