Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nisei Week 2011: Japan Arcade

Japan Arcade
333 S Alameda St Frnt
Los Angeles, CA 90013
located in the mall

 Haven't really written about Japan Arcade since Family Fun took it over, they made it a lot more accessible and spruced it up a little, but the former owner is on staff and un-talkative as ever.
Your not there to talk unless it's trash talk to other players. A racing section has been added, with even more space it looks behind it.

Another factor that makes Japan Arcade stand out is it's import machines including Taiko Drum Master. That's one of two drumming video game machine. Let's not forget Typing of the Dead. For anime afficinados how about a Golgo 13 Sniper arcade machine or a Lupin the 3rd Shooter?

The star of the imports would have to be this Fist of the North Star fighter that makes you punch the machine just like Kenshiro.

A new edition is a snack bar to get some gamer fuel for you epic fights and races.

I've never seen anyone on the computer for gaming , but it's there.

Yes, they have Street Fight 4!
They also have DDR and other fighters and shooter. This is not a ticket place though, so don't take your kid to win prizes, because there aren't any. It's not a bad atmosphere either mostly kids and teenagers trying to have fun on a weekend or day off.