Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kick Wolf-Man in the Nards! Monster Creeps Fun

 Taking place Saturday August 6th from eight to ten was the Monster Creeps Show at Dark Delicacies in Burbank. Fred Dekker was on hand to sign posters and talk about his horrifying and fun films.

 It wasn't just a signing, it's only the 24th anniversary of Monster Squad, it was also an art show for work based on Night of the Creeps and Monster Squad. Cute to horrifying pieces were laid out in Dark Delicacies for fans to get back in touch with their beloved horror films.

Fred mingled with fans talked and revealed his thoughts on his movies and other films of today.
 Chogrin whose piece is to the side and he sits with the director Fred Dekker below, brought the show together, both a fan and artist he made the event possible. Goth or not, everyone came out to enjoy the festivities.
 The greatest highlight of the night was a Q & A between Fred Dekker director of the films and Germain Lussier of /Film and special screening of Monster Squad just across the street at the Banshee Theater (great name).

Fred explained to Germain and the audience that he wasn't happy with a remake of Monster Squad. He felt it still held up today, except maybe the montage scene, but that is just part of the 80's.

If you don't know Monster Squad it's about a group of young kids taking down the Universal Monsters in the 80's. It has some dark moments, like any kid's friendly 80's movie. I really enjoyed the film and wonder why I haven't seen it on television before.

Fred showed of his love for the film and was very animate about it not being redone. He even said, "Why, it was a flop?". It didn't do well when it came out, most people say because the marketing canceled each other out. You see they made it seem too kiddy for adults and too scary for kids.

I don't know why I really enjoyed the creature feature, it's a instant classic. Bringing the monsters of other films and teaming them up to fight a band of kids, oh it's so 80's good.

Germain asked a great question about if The Monster Squad could be made today and Fred immediately said "No!"

Fred explain how Hollywood is so different now and big studios go over everything too far, films were made for fun to get someone's story out. Fred said, "Now it takes a eleven people to say where the comma goes on the script".

Some highlights to me of The Monster Squad

-The mummy escaped from the Natural History Museum, if you check the scene that's the local Natural History museum, those elevators are hard to forget.

-Wolf man can only die by silver bullets, you"ll get that when you watch the film

-Holocaust reference, that was a really great send up, once again won't spoil it.

-Portal to Limbo

-Kick ass 80's song, totally out of place and wrong, but fit perfectly for the time.

I'm going to have to check out Night of the Creeps now.