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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Last Book Store

The Last Bookstore 

453 S Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Looking through a gateway of books is a highlight of the Last Bookstore. Aptly named for the time we live in with so many book store dying around us. It makes the most of it's surrounding inside of a old building lobby in downtown LA. Big white columns and used books give off a post apocalyptic feel with furniture like the front desk being made out of books.
Just like it's name it feels like the last bookstore, maybe with a planet taken over by apes or robots or whatever summer blockbuster has the world destroyed.
A wooly mammoth head looks down at you  from the side of the store you can sell you used books. Looking for something old? Looking for something artsy? They have a wide selection of sections to choose from.
The Last Bookstores has a gallery section as well to show off very different pieces. How about some well-dressed bricks in different fashion?

One of the stranger pieces were children's books rewritten to be dirty. Disney shouldn't update it's classic with lines like that.

Mannequins and empty places in the sotre might be better filled with more books surrounding them.
The design of this one is rather nice though.
An outdoor book sale across the street in an empty parking lot helped the community get books all priced at 1 dollar.

 Just a fun video game reference that stood out.

If you can't find Barnes and Noble or a Borders maybe visit The Last Bookstore which sadly might be the last bookstore you visit.