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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nisei Week 2011: Sights To See

Music and festivities stretch over Little Tokyo for Nisei Week, which will continue until August 21st.

Blush gave a great J-Pop rock experience to fans of the festival.
 Yummy treats and special booths were open for the festival.

 My favorite, the book store sale of Kinokuniya Bookstore had magazine and anime related items on sale.

The V3CS Cosplay Contest took place in Village Plaza, just a relaxing little event to have some fun at if your into games and anime.

The Tanbata Festival takes place at the same time and had plenty of these paper lantern and streamer decorations in front of the MOCA

 I missed an Invader from the Art in the Streets Exhibit
 I believe these are the winners from the dog show

More events are still happening this coming weekend so if you missed it the first time do come out and enjoy the festival.