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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Day The Universe Died

Just realized the Universe I've read since I could read comics dies today. It's sad.

The DC Universe current continuity dies. Sure, you could argue that it has already with all the other crisis es and the multiverse exploding or whatever, but really all the characters that I followed, all their exploits gone. They'll always be remembered and with hardcover, back issues and the Internet I can always read them again ...

but still...

I guess this is good-bye,

good-bye Kyle Rayner, you being an artist made Green Lantern explode with imagination , I loved the green chicks and the octopuses you created

good-bye Superman-Batman team-ups that spanned the universe and time, good cop-bad cop had no better team up

good-bye best version of the Justice League, Grant Morrison's, you totally kicked ass and each version since has sucked

good-bye some of the best writing and art ever

good-bye DC comics I don't think I'll read you anymore

 good-bye Power Girl, dammit you know why