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Friday, August 26, 2011

What the a Sonny Chiba event with SONNY CHIBA LIVE?!!!

If your into martail arts movies, you've seen Sonny Chiba. In the multiple roles he's been in the years he's battered, broken and beat up a bunch of bad guys, because he's a bad-ass.

Now he's in LA for one night only to show of some moves and some clips. I'm talking ultra-violence. Quentin Taratino is such a fan, Chiba has a came role as the swordmakers in Kill Bill. So much blood has spilled from this man's fist in cinema, inspiring violence for generations in major motion pictures.

Saturday October 1st at 8:00PM. SPECIAL EVENT. Please join us for a discussion and martial arts demonstration with the legend Sonny Chiba and his daughter, actress Juri Manase
 Bigfoot Crest Theater
1262 Westwood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
Get tickets now, just scroll down on the ticket page.

more about the festival as it approaches