Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cartoon Hype: So Sad WB

An article from /Film caught my attention. It has to deal with Dreamworks Animation separating from Paramount. I could hardly care as there movies don't matter that much to me, but what grabbed me was this "Where does that leave a film like How To Train Your Dragon 2? All of the other major studios have their own animation divisions and, according to an LA Times article, the only one that doesn’t – Warner Bros. – isn’t interested."

I don't care anything at all for How To Train Your Dragon 2,  what gripped me was I had forgotten how sad and pathetic it is that Warner Bros that owns Warner Bros Animation and Cartoon Network Studios doesn't do animated films for the big screen. They"ll do direct to digital download and DVD, but WB  has nothing for big screen movie animation. I don't know if they need someone to head it or just don't care at this time, but with two big animation resources underneath them it's sad.

You have a lot of innovation in those studios and I'd like to see if maybe Pen Ward could pull off a fully theatrical movie, not made for TV. An Adventure Time movie would be nice, but Cartoon Network hasn't had any property go that way. Live-action Scooby-Doo doesn't count nor does straight to dvd Ben 10. It doesn't have to be Adventure Time either I'd like an original story too. Something like a Miyazaki movie.