Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gig Poster Doc

In Just Like Being There you'll see the fascinating world of gig posters, which ultimately might not be that interesting,which isn't a bad thing. To me the movie that' s still in production and would like your support is more of a,  "Hey I know those people thing for me". If we we're all British we'd like watching docs more, but with the revelation of Netflix I'm sure will all be checking this one out too anyway.

INDIEGOGO PROMO FINAL from Johanna Goldstein on Vimeo.

It's funny to see Jensen and Katie from Gallery 1988 and of course Mr. Kevin Tong who I interviewed a while back and see every once and a while at an event. If they don't capture his love of veg cuisine and X-Files I know they didn't try.

The director's meeting with Kevin, part of the /Film interview seems how Kevin is with his fans and giving them the time to chat and interact.

How and why did you choose to focus on Tong, Danger and Ryan as opposed to some other artists?
I had introduced myself to Kevin Tong at a Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles. I saw a poster of his from a ways away and kind of flipped out. I told my girlfriend, “Hey! That’s that poster! The one with the robot kissing the girl! I love that poster!” and then dragged her across the fair. I get a little incoherent when I’m excited. I geeked out on Kevin for a few minutes, probably scared the hell out of him. After that, we kept bumping into each other and just kind of became friendly.

I have to say I'm liking the way it was shot, I could definitely see myself playing it on Netflix as I write this blog. It totally captures Kevin's laid back appearance even though he's constantly working on new stuff.

Once again from the same clip there ain't going to be any bad guy like Exit Through the Gift Shop and the only frantic part might be the opening night of art shows. It's also not illegal street art, so there's no danger part to it. The other thing is that many artists aren't that emotional like Kevin. When he talks it's very monotone and relaxed, I can never get a beat if he's excitied or even the mood to talk when I see him randomly.

Just watch how the director and producer act then Kevin. That's how I feel most of the movie will be,  relaxed. On a side note, Sky Bruchard a friend and part of the upcoming Super iam8bit show would be on the top of list of emotionless conversation though.

I'm into seeing part of the Mondo poster empire which has the Alamo Draft House behind it, sadly there's nothing written in stone for a LA branch, just whispers of Alamo being in LA.

The part that might be the silliest is if they go through with the conversations with the bands that usually have no control over any element of the poster. The artist just creates something, they don't seat with the band and go, "Hey guys let's work on this poster". I can only guess it will be the bands nodding there's heads for a few minutes and going, "I like the way it looks". Sometimes the posters have nothing to do with the songs, name or style of the band. It doesn't even represent members of the band a lot. So I expect some meaningless garbage conversatiosn from them.

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